SA Committee

Committee Members

Holly May, Fyfe (Chair)
Mieka Webb, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Tane Bowels, GPA Engineering

Seeking more committee members

Would you like to get involved, meet like-minded people and expand your network in the pipeline industry? SA YPF is looking for more committee members to join the excitement! If you’re interested, eager and willing, please contact Holly May.

2017 events

YPF SA  – Adelaide Suburbs Microbrewery Tour – 25 March 2017SAYPF Brewery Tour, 25 March

YPF SA held its annual Microbrewery Tour on 25 March 2017. Sixteen young pipeliners met for a day of networking and taste-testing at four breweries in the Adelaide suburbs. These were Pirate Life, Wheatsheaf Hotel, Big Shed Brewing and Brew Boys.

Thank you to APA Group, GPA Engineering and Pentair for supporting the event.

 2016 events

SA YPF – APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards Presentation & Q&A Session
14 December 2016

SA YPF completed their year with a Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards Presentation & Q&A Session on 14 December. Presented by Liz Brierley, an inaugural registered Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineer and now a member of the Assessment Panel, the event aimed to educate the SA YPF community about the APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards, what they mean to the industry and what they mean to them as an engineer. Thank you to SEA Gas for sponsoring the event.

More information can be sourced from the below link.

SA YPF & SA YCG Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence Site Tour – 2 June 2016

About 40 South Australian members of the YPF and Young Australian Group held a site visit to the Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence (OPCE) at TAFE SA’s Tonsley campus.

TDW’s Derrin HadfSA YPF, YCG Site Tour 02 (1)ield began the site visit with a presentation that explained the different pig configurations and designs, and the critieria involved in selecting the best pig for the required application.

A tour of the OPCE followed, during which ex Santos Operator Paul described the aspects and operation of the facility which is used for used for training Oil and Gas Operators for typical equipment located in the Cooper Basin.

SA YPF, YCG Site Tour 02 (2)Next up was A-Hak’s Marcel van Egmond who gave a presentation on the ultransonic pig and the push-pull pig for unpiggable lines.

Finally, the particpants were shown the facility’s beam pump operation, three phase separator, compressor, gas jack, gas metering skids which are used for training.

The event was another huge success and another great partnership between APGA-YPF and ACA-YCG, with thanks to both the APGA & ACA for joint sponsorship.

The presentations from A-Hak are available here and here.

YPF SA  – Adelaide Hills Microbrewery Tour – 27 February 2016

On Saturday 27 February 18 South Australian young pipeliners participated in a networking event centred around beer appreciation. The event included visits to four microbreweries in the Adelaide Hills. The event was a change from the annual winery tour and was much appreciated as a delicious alternative to the usual Barossa Shiraz.

Microbrewery tour, 27 Feb 2016

After initial introductions everyone settled in for the bus trip to the first destination, Prancing Pony in Mt Barker. Although it was early, conversations about the past year and future prospects was a key talking point amongst everyone whilst we all enjoyed the first beer platter of the day.

The second stop was Grumpy’s Brewery, for some amazing wood oven pizza and another beer tasting. Conversation often switching between the pilsner, ale or larger being tasted and the latest major pipeline projects.

This trend continued at the following two breweries as Adelaide turned on another great summer day for the event. The final location back in Adelaide gave everyone the opportunity to round out the topics of the day before departing.

The event was a great success providing a chance for the SA YPF to catch up and discuss all things 2016. The SA YPF would like to thank the event sponsors APA Group, GPA Engineering and Pentair for their support, which helped to ensure a very successful day, with new plans for the SA YPF.

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