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Committee Members

Brodie Lloyd, GPA Engineering (Chair)
Mieka Webb, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Tane Bowels, GPA Engineering

Seeking more committee members

Would you like to get involved, meet like-minded people and expand your network in the pipeline industry? SA YPF is looking for more committee members to join the excitement! If you’re interested, eager and willing, please contact Brodie Lloyd.

2017 events

YPF SA  – Adelaide Suburbs Microbrewery Tour – 25 March 2017SAYPF Brewery Tour, 25 March

YPF SA held its annual Microbrewery Tour on 25 March 2017. Sixteen young pipeliners met for a day of networking and taste-testing at four breweries in the Adelaide suburbs. These were Pirate Life, Wheatsheaf Hotel, Big Shed Brewing and Brew Boys.

Thank you to APA Group, GPA Engineering and Pentair for supporting the event.

 2016 events

SA YPF – APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards Presentation & Q&A Session
14 December 2016

SA YPF completed their year with a Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards Presentation & Q&A Session on 14 December. Presented by Liz Brierley, an inaugural registered Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineer and now a member of the Assessment Panel, the event aimed to educate the SA YPF community about the APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards, what they mean to the industry and what they mean to them as an engineer. Thank you to SEA Gas for sponsoring the event.

More information can be sourced from the below link.

SA YPF & SA YCG Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence Site Tour – 2 June 2016

About 40 South Australian members of the YPF and Young Australian Group held a site visit to the Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence (OPCE) at TAFE SA’s Tonsley campus.

TDW’s Derrin HadfSA YPF, YCG Site Tour 02 (1)ield began the site visit with a presentation that explained the different pig configurations and designs, and the critieria involved in selecting the best pig for the required application.

A tour of the OPCE followed, during which ex Santos Operator Paul described the aspects and operation of the facility which is used for used for training Oil and Gas Operators for typical equipment located in the Cooper Basin.

SA YPF, YCG Site Tour 02 (2)Next up was A-Hak’s Marcel van Egmond who gave a presentation on the ultransonic pig and the push-pull pig for unpiggable lines.

Finally, the particpants were shown the facility’s beam pump operation, three phase separator, compressor, gas jack, gas metering skids which are used for training.

The event was another huge success and another great partnership between APGA-YPF and ACA-YCG, with thanks to both the APGA & ACA for joint sponsorship.

The presentations from A-Hak are available here and here.

YPF SA  – Adelaide Hills Microbrewery Tour – 27 February 2016

On Saturday 27 February 18 South Australian young pipeliners participated in a networking event centred around beer appreciation. The event included visits to four microbreweries in the Adelaide Hills. The event was a change from the annual winery tour and was much appreciated as a delicious alternative to the usual Barossa Shiraz.

Microbrewery tour, 27 Feb 2016

After initial introductions everyone settled in for the bus trip to the first destination, Prancing Pony in Mt Barker. Although it was early, conversations about the past year and future prospects was a key talking point amongst everyone whilst we all enjoyed the first beer platter of the day.

The second stop was Grumpy’s Brewery, for some amazing wood oven pizza and another beer tasting. Conversation often switching between the pilsner, ale or larger being tasted and the latest major pipeline projects.

This trend continued at the following two breweries as Adelaide turned on another great summer day for the event. The final location back in Adelaide gave everyone the opportunity to round out the topics of the day before departing.

The event was a great success providing a chance for the SA YPF to catch up and discuss all things 2016. The SA YPF would like to thank the event sponsors APA Group, GPA Engineering and Pentair for their support, which helped to ensure a very successful day, with new plans for the SA YPF.

2015 events

South Australian YPF’s ‘Bring an Oldie’ Lawn Bowls day

The two winning teamsSouth Australia YPF’s third annual Bring an Oldie Lawn Bowls event was a great success with a dramatic finish where nothing separated the two winning teams.

Bring an Oldie is a fun night which in some ways levels the field between the young and the more experienced pipeliners, encouraging them to share stories over a few games of lawn bowls and refreshments.

The 16 attendees were treated to drinks and a buffet BBQ on arrival before being briefed on the rules and tricks of the game by SEA Gas’s resident lawn bowls expert Pat O’Dea. There were a few new faces this year, including Nicola Matulick (GPA) and Josh Ward (WSP/PB), who picked up the technique pretty quickly. There were even a few reps from Brisbane (Peter Blyton and Lloyd Graydon, GPA). Some of the regulars and past finalists to watch out for included Damian Penneck (SEA Gas), Jamahl Waddington (MFS), Rob Cehic and Eddie Sandrini (Beach).

Four teams of varying ages and experience (in both lawn bowls and pipelining) took to the green to compete for the coveted title and a small motivational prize of chocolate. The competition was close – a tape measure appeared from somewhere to help determine the winning balls. In the end, it was a tie between the team of Damian, Pat, Nicola and Peter, and the team of Eddie, Matthew Haynes (APA), Mike Ellis (SEA Gas) and Mieka Webb (DSD).

Thanks to everyone who came to the event held on 30 October, to the Adelaide Lawn Bowls club for hosting it, and to the SA YPF and APGA for helping to organise it. Finally, thank you again to the sponsors Maloney Field Services, SEA Gas and Epic Energy South Australia for enabling us to put on the event again this year.

YPF and Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre technical presentation

On the 30th of July the SA YPF convened at the Coopers Alehouse for a technical presentation by the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre (EPCRC).

The event ensured that the young pipeliners in South Australia had access to the latest pipeline research being undertaken by the EPCRC as well as insight into a current Stress Corrosion Cracking research project. Whilst some young pipeliners were familiar with the EPCRC, many attendees had not been exposed to the work completed to date, highlighting the importance of continuing to provide opportunities for exposure to research.

The night commenced with an opening speech by Professor Valerie Lynton (CEO of the EPCRC), providing an overview of the EPCRC and the current research projects. It was a reminder of the excellent work completed by the research body, with results that we, as young pipeline engineers, can apply directly to our work.

Erwin Gamboa from the University of Adelaide followed with short lesson on ‘classical’ high pH Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) fundamentals and his current research into the challenging nature of assessing inclined SCC cracking, which has been observed in an Australian pipeline. He provided attendees with an overview of the basic SCC principles, the key factors that influence its occurrence, the lifecycle of crack initiation, growth, dormancy and final rupture and how SCC can be managed.

Valerie concluded by providing key current and past EPCRC research including the new Digital Image Correlation System for strain measurement, venting of pipeline temperature modelling, pipeline drilling damage & development of a coating test facility at Deakin University.

The event provided attendees with a taste of the wide range of EPCRC research projects, and provided a great opportunity for young pipeliners to learn from this excellent research body.

To reiterate sentiments from the EPCRC CEO, any young pipeliner can become actively involved in the EPCRC, you do not require an expert understanding to contribute, just enthusiasm and a will to learn. Anyone interested is encouraged to review the list of EPCRC research projects, select one of more of interest and make contact with Valerie.

Overall the night was a great success with approximately 25 attendees. The SA YPF would like to thank the EPCRC for sponsoring and Valerie & Erwin for presenting on the night.

Young Pipeliners Forum and Young Corrosion Group technical event in SA

On the 14th of May 2015, South Australian young engineers of the YPF and the YCG (young corrosion group) joined forces and organised a joint technical event at the Coopers Alehouse in Adelaide. The event focused on tape wrap coatings for corrosion protection of buried steel pipelines.

The night provided the perfect opportunity to gain technical knowledge and to network with fellow young professionals in the corrosion and pipeline industries.

The presenters were:

  • Marko Draca from Santos who presented a case study on the “Big Lake Tape Wrap Replacement Project”, a multi-million dollar project to replace end-of-life raw gas pipeline networks in the Cooper Basin.
  • David Towns from Denso Australia who presented on the applications and specifications of tape wrap corrosion protection systems with examples of both best-practice and common pitfalls.

The YPF & YCG committee were pleased with the event and turnout, having 40+ attendees. We look forward to further joint events in coming years.

SA YPF 2015 wine tour

SA YPF wine tour 2015The SA YPF kicked off 2015 in style with the annual Barossa wine tour.

The event was changed from November to 28 February to avoid the end of year chaos.

The weather was sunny (as usual in Adelaide) and the Barossa beckoned for 12 young engineers and their partners with attendees from GPA, APA Group, FYFE, SmartFab, Saunders and Santos. The bus ride gave ample time for everyone to get acquainted with each other and to get chatting about different aspects of being a pipeline engineer.

On arrival into the Barossa we were dropped off at Charles Melton. The vineyards grounds were spectacular and the wine wasn’t half bad either. The group especially liked the supplied homemade bread and extensive tasting list.

Our next stop was Peter Lehmann, the main attraction being our tasting platter on the outside lawns. This is the ‘relax’ stop on the tour with many people lying on the lawns sipping wine and enjoying the serenity. We could have stayed here all day but, alas, more wine beckoned. The next stop was the famous Seppeltsfield where the group sampled the fortified range at the newly renovated cellar door.

Our final stop on the tour was a smaller, tucked away, winery called Kaesler. It didn’t disappoint, the hosts were very welcoming and provided a great atmosphere for socialising with a ‘never ending’ wine glass.

The final bus trip home late afternoon was a chance to snooze after a long day in the Barossa with new-found friends. This event continues to be a great chance for engineers in the pipeline industry to meet fellow colleagues and discuss current projects in South Australia, roles and to generally network. A huge thanks again to our event sponsors for the fourth year running GPA Engineering and Pentair. Without their support the event would not be possible.

2014 events

YPF Panel Session – 13 March 2014

On the 13th of March the South Australian YPF group assembled at the Adelaide Hilton for a ‘question and answer’ panel forum, taking advantage of the many industry experts in Adelaide for the AS2885.1 committee meeting.

The event was a great success with approximately 40 attendees, ranging from young graduates through to seniors from different engineering companies. The panel covered a wide range of technical expertise, allowing any question asked by the attendees to be discussed and answered succinctly. Once started, the short one hour time slot went very quickly with more and more questions being fielded by the panel. The event allowed YPF members a chance to hear other engineers technical queries being answered and benefited even those who were unable to ask their own question.

Thank you to those who attended the event, including the sponsorship from Fyfe and support of the APGA. Also to the panel members listed below who gave up their own time to support the YPF.

  • Geoff Cope, Geoff Cope & Associates Pty Ltd
  • Peter Tuft, Peter Tuft & Associates
  • Michael Malavazos, DMITRE
  • James Czornohalan, Fyfe
  • John Piper, John Piper & Associates
  • Raimond Sils, Santos








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