Qld Committee

Committee Members

Hendrik Visagie, EIM (Chair)
Chris Connor, APA Group (Vice Chair)
Nathan Belgrove, Wood
Clinton Glanville, Wood

If you would like to be part of the Qld YPF and receive information on upcoming events, please contact the Qld YPF state representative Hendrik Visagie

2018 events

Qld YPF and IMechE Joint Educational and Networking Event – Thursday 20 September
Thank you to Institution of Mechanical Engineers for supporting the event.

Qld YPF Bowling Night – Strike Wintergarden – Friday 6 July 2018
Thank you to MPC Group for supporting the event

Qld YPF and SPE YP Joint Educational and Networking Event – 24 May
Supported by Jemena and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

Qld YPF 2018 Launch and Networking Event – Friday 9 February

The Queensland chapter of the Young Pipeliners Forum (YPF) got the year off to a great start with a launch event focused on young people in the industry.TAP_April_2018_YPF_QLD (2)
Held at Aether Brewing in Milton on 9 February, around 45 of Queensland’s young pipeliners were in attendance.
APA Group’s Cameron Gibb and Callum McLaughlan spoke of their experience with APA’s graduate program.
The two also touched on their experiences over the last few years as young pipeliners in the industry.
The Queensland YPF wishes to thank APA Group for their support as well as the speakers for taking time to present on the night

2017 Events

Qld YPF Christmas Networking Event – Friday 15 December
Thank you to CNC Project Management and Denso for supporting the event.

QLD YPF Speaker Night – 2 November 2017
Australia’s current energy crisis and what that means for the pipeline industry.
Speaker: Steve Davies, CEO, APGA

Australia’s energy crisis was the hot topic for Qld YPF’s speaker night held at the Stock Exchange Hotel in Brisbane.
Qld YPF speaker night 2 nov 2017

APGA’s  CEO, Steve Davies, kept his audience engaged by giving his view on the recent pressure on the gas industry in the midst of Australia’s current energy crisis and what that means for the pipeline industry.

Following the presentation, a small group workshop was held in which members became involved in suggesting possible solutions for the future of the industry.

Special thanks to Steve for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak with the YPF and EIM for their valued support of the event.

QLD YPF Strike Bowling – 7 July
On Friday 7 July the Queensland YPF gathered in force to compete in their annual mid-year event, strike bowling. In classic fashion each attendee was welcomed to the event with a beverage of their choice, and the opportunity to select their persona for the evening. The result was an eclectic Strike Bowling, Kareokemix of heroes, villains, Game of Thrones characters, the crew from Sesame Street, and both sides of Star Wars, all coming together for a single cause: to show their bowling might. In what could be said to be a very fitting result considering the current global box office takings, Wonder Woman took out the competition with the highest bowling score, although it was apparent that everyone walked away a winner at the end of the night.

Special thanks must go to MPC Group  which provided the support for the event and  generously kicked off the entertainment. MPC’s very own Mr Glenn Pfluger provided a spectacular karaoke rendition of the Beatle’s Hey Jude, which had the entire YPF singing in unison. With more than 50 attendees from all corners of the industry, once again the mid-year event epitomised the personality of the Queensland YPF, and showed a positive sign for the future of the industry.

Networking Event – Geotagging Adventure Race through Fortitude Valley – 19 May 2017

Qld Geotagging, 19 May 2017_2Rain did not deter Queensland’s YPF annual geotagging event on Friday 19 May and although the race was cancelled, the last minute trivia night was a huge success, with a lot of laughs and good contributions from all involved. There were also some newer members who attended the night, which is always great to see.

Thank you to Mipela GeoSolutions for supporting the event.

Energy Pipelines CRC
Background, Achievements and Preparing for the Future – 5 April 2017
Twenty-five young pipeliners joined the Queensland YPF and Energy Pipelines CRC CEO David Norman to turn the YPF paradigm on its head on 5 April.

David listened intenEPCRC_1tly as young pipeliners outlined their thoughts on where the future challenges for the Australian pipeline industry could be addressed through cooperative research.

The second Queensland YPF networking and educational event for 2017 allowed David to detail his experiences in the industry as well as the multitude of highly valuable projects being undertaken by the Energy Pipelines CRC. He also explained the mammoth task ahead of the Energy Pipelines CRC team to facilitate a new CRC bid aimed at addressing future challenges for the Australian pipeline industry- but success is not a certainty in the highly competitive environment of CRC funding.

This reality was the perfect context for a group brainstorming session.  Across successive five-minute blocks, groups of four to five young pipeliners each discussed a research idea of their own, dove deeper into a single idea per group, then prepared to present their best ideas directly to David, turning the tables on the flow of information.

The five top ideas raised by young pipeliners were (in no particular order):

  • Using existing infield commEPCRC_2unication technology to improve how we do manual tasks, i.e. midline CP readings.
  • Increased operational transparency enabling better integration with Australia’s electricity market.
  • Use of gas expansion turbine in place of regulators and control valves.
  • Freedom of integrity information database distributing lessons learned across the industry.
  • Reassessment of the AS 2885 no rupture ratings ensuring these are fit for purpose.

Many of these ideas and others that came up in conversation across the evening were fresh ideas for the Energy Pipelines CRC. David Norman promised the group that all ideas raised would be considered in both the current and future iterations of the Energy Pipelines CRC, and opened the invitation for any young pipeliner to forward new research ideas to Communications Officer Matthew Byers, care of

The YPF was originally created partly to encourage knowledge transfer from experienced pipeline professionals to younger professionals in the industry. Over time, it has become apparent that young pipeliners can contribute creativity and vision to the industry to help it develop a stronger, more resilient future.

Jordan McCollum, Origin Energy

Care of Aging Pipelines and Operations in T1& T2 areas – 17 February 2017

Qld YPF Care of aging pipelinesYPF Qld hosted an educational evening on the Care of Aging Pipelines on 17 February at the Fox Hotel in Brisbane.
Around 30 attendees enjoyed networking and heard from Qld Engineering Service Manager Francis Carroll and Senior Pipeline Engineer Elizabeth Wheeler from APA Group about their experiences working on aging pipelines and how APA Group conducts care of aging pipelines from a high level perspective.

QLD YPF Vice-Chair Nathan Belgrove welcomed everybody to the new year and emphasised QLD YPF’s intent to hold a number of events this year.

Thank you to APA Group for supporting the event.

2016 Events

YPF Qld – 2 December 2016, Annual Christmas Networking Event
YPF Qld finished off the year with Christmas Drinks on 2 December after the Brisbane Christmas Lunch. Over 60 members attended and enjoyed networking with other pipeliners in the industry over a few drinks. Thanks to CNC Project Management and Denso for sponsoring the event.

Queensland YPF tours APA’s IOC – 17 November 2016
About 20 YPF members from Queensland took the opportunity to have a guided tour of APA Group’s Integrated Operations Centre in Springhill, Brisbane, on 16 November.

ypf-qld-apa-ioc-tourThe IOC, which incorporates a control room, commercial operations and engineering support, was
opened earlier this year.

Presentations from IOC Manager Delivery Jamie Gabb and Manager Customer Service Tim McCollum were followed by lively Q&As and then a tour. A highlight was seeing how the IOC enables APA to control all the transmission pipeline assets across its three networks, and how that control allows operators to meet commercial delivery requirements by managing gas flows across the networks according to operational circumstances.

The tour finished up with pizza and drinks on the balcony. Thanks to our sponsors APA Group.

YPF Qld – 14 October 2016, Networking and Lawn Bowls
YPF Qld held a Networking and Lawn Bowls night on 14 October 2016 at the Boo in Newstead. More than 30 YPF members attended the event and enjoyed catching up and playing despite it being a chilly evening. Thank you to Canusa-CPS for sponsoring the event.

YPF Qld – 15 June 2016, Speaker Night
Thank you to Murphy Pipe and Civil Group for supporting the event.

YPF Qld – 29 April 2016, Geotagging Adventure Race

The geotagging adventure race through Fortitude Valley was held on Friday 29 April 2016. YPFers used geotagging devices to follow clues to a final destination where drinks and canapes were served. Sponsored by Mipela GeoSolutions.

YPF Qld –  8 March 2016, Networking with the Experts
Past, Present, Future with special guests from the ME38 Committee

The ME-038 Standards Committee, which is responsible for AS 2885: Pipelines – Gas and Liquid Petroleum, held its regular meeting in Brisbane.  This provided an opportunity for the Queensland YPF, with sponsorship by Origin Energy, to arrange for a networking and educational event with some of the most influential names in the pipeline industry.

Twenty-four young pipeliners had an opportunity to meet the 12 very experienced ME-038 committee members at The Gresham in Brisbane’s CBD. Committee chair Susan Jaques provided an overview of the ME-038 Standards Committee and Peter Tuft provided an overview and update on AS 2885 sections zero, one and six. Then Andrew Pearce provided an entertaining description of the offshore pipeline industry; Michael Malavazos provided the regulator’s point of view; Craig Bonar challenged the crowd to think about the big challenges within the pipeline industry; and Ed Gaykema detailed the impact of AS 2885 on a pipeline operations business as well as the pending update to part three. Qld YPF ME-038 committee member, Liam Hatchell, provided excellent coordination, chairing the discussions.

The event was described as one of the Queensland YPF’s most successful educational events; the resounding message through the event being the fact that AS 2885 is developed by pipeliners, for pipeliners. It was also clear that the ME-038 committee members strongly encourage the active engagement of young pipeliners within the Standards committees and welcome their contribution to the Australian pipeline industry.

YPF Qld – Networking Event, 26 February 2016
New project lifecycles: from cradle to grave with guest speakers Warwick Tidswell and Kerryanne Mallitt

An educational sesNetworking 26.2 (6)Smlsion presented and sponsored by APA Group, saw 50 young pipeliners shown the inner workings of major gas transmission pipeline projects. The title of the presentation by Warwick Tidswell and Kerryanne Mallitt was “Asset Creation – From Cradle to Grave” and the presenters provided their insights to the successful management of a project from concept to operation.  It was a light-hearted, but informative presentation which provoked interesting questions and ongoing conversation well after official proceedings had wrapped up. It was a tremendous opportunity for young people in the industry to learn about gas transmission projects.


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