Young Pipeliners Forum

APGA has a thriving section of its membership called the Young Pipeliners Forum.

The YPF provides a means for young people involved in the pipeline and gas industry to get together and to organise events where they learn from more experienced pipeliners and have fun.

The YPF has committees in most States, in the Northern Territory and in New Zealand. These committees organise events in their areas several times a year. Events are likely to include educational visits to member companies’ facilities, fun-focused networking events (such as winery tours, bare-foot bowls, quiz nights) and mentoring events where more experienced pipeliners can share their experiences.

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Young pipeliners attending these events and being involved in YPF committees have the chance to interact with senior industry contacts and to contribute to their industry in ways they might not otherwise have done at this stage of their career.

And the knowledge transfer is by no means a one-way street. These events also provide the opportunity for our current (older!) generation of industry leaders to better appreciate the values and strengths of young pipeliners, leading to better workplace understanding and operations, and to the continuing injection of fresh ideas and processes that keeps an industry vibrant.

The chairs of the State and Territory YPF committees meet every two months as a national body to help coordinate YPF activities and set future directions.

The Young Pipeliners Forum celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2016.
The event was held in Canberra and focused on leadership and career opportunities in the industry, as well as providing some clear direction for APGA and the next phase of YPF.

As well as this national focus, APGA also provides funding for young people to attend the Joint Technical Meeting, the international research conference that includes APGA’s Research and Standards Committee, the European Pipeline Research Group and the Pipeline Research Council International, which is based in the US.

For more information or to join contact your State Representative or find out more in the YPF Brochure.




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