The South East Australia Gas Pipeline System (SEA Gas) comprises a system of transmission pipelines that transport natural gas from Port Campbell and Iona in Victoria to a variety of offtakes and interconnected pipelines in South Australia and Victoria. SEA Gas delivers around 50 per cent of Adelaide’s natural gas demand.

SEA Gas is primarily comprised of three pipelines:

  • The Port Campbell to Adelaide (PCA) mainline, including the WUGS lateral, is approximately 680km in length. The PCA connects Port Campbell in SW Victoria to Pelican Point in South Australia. The WUGS lateral connects the PCA to the Iona Gas Plant and the Otway Gas Production Facility.
  • The Port Campbell to Iona lateral pipeline (PCI) is approximately 11km long and traverses the Minerva gas plant and the Victorian Declared Transmission System, where it connects to the South West Pipeline. It also connects to the Otway Gas Production Facility and the Mortlake Pipeline.
  • The Mortlake Pipeline is approximately 83km long and delivers gas from the PCI to Mortlake Power Station.

SEA Gas is also connected to the South East South Australia (SESA) pipeline in SA, and the Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System (MAPS). The gas transported by SEA Gas is sourced from the offshore Otway basin gas fields near Port Campbell and the Underground Gas Storage (UGS) facility at Iona.

SEA Gas owns and operates the SEA Gas Pipeline System. The SEA Gas business is jointly owned by APA Group (50 per cent) and REST (Retail Employees Superannuation Trust) (50 per cent).

SEA Gas is a non-scheme pipeline under Part 23 of the National Gas Rules.

General information about the SEA Gas Pipeline System.

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Contact the Head of Commercial on 08 8236 6800 or via email.

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