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12:30pm Thursday, 23 March 2023
1:30pm Thursday, 23 March 2023
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Stress analysis for pipelines

Stress analysis of pipeline is specified in Section 5.7 of AS 2885.1, and it gets a total of four appendices! It’s something that has to be addressed on all pipeline designs, but has not often been discussed. In this workshop, Nick Kastelein will provide an overview of the stress and strain requirements of AS 2885. The workshop will include discussion of some of the common errors made in pipeline stress analyses and approaches commonly used to comply with this section of the standard.


AS(/NZS) 2885 is the Australian Standard for Pipelines - Gas & Liquid Petroleum.

APGA and are delighted to announce the first technical webinar of the year, which builds on a successful series of previous webinars. Led by Susan and the expert AS2885 team, these sessions have provided valuable insights into AS2885, including a recent overview of the changes in AS2885.3.

We are excited to offer yet another informative webinar that promises to enhance your understanding of the AS2885 standard. Our updated format "lunch and learn" webinar provides an ideal opportunity to expand your knowledge while also offering a forum for feedback and discussion of the APGA webinar and the AS2885 standard.

We invite you to join us for this insightful webinar and engage with our team of experts. We look forward to your participation and the opportunity to share knowledge and understanding with you.


The website provides information and resources related to the AS 2885 series of standards for pipeline design, construction, and operation in Australia. The website includes a comprehensive database of technical information related to the standards, as well as a glossary of key terms and links to relevant resources and organizations. The website also serves as a platform for experts and stakeholders in the pipeline industry to share knowledge and experiences related to the standards, with a discussion forum, links to upcoming events and training courses, and news and updates related to the industry. The website's resources are intended to be used as a reference and guide for those involved in the design, construction, and operation of pipelines in Australia, with the aim of promoting best practices and ensuring the safe and reliable operation of pipelines in the country.

In addition, there is also a AS2885 blog - Here you will find answers and resource to interpretaion and deeper understanding of the standard.

This webinar will be hosted on Zoom - to participate please ensure Zoom is available, either the downloaded, web or mobile version. A link will be shared with you after registration, please use that link to access the webinar.




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