The IGE committee became part of APGA in late 2016. The original Institution of Gas Engineers (IGE) was established in 1920. It was a group of like-minded individuals from gas networks who shared knowledge and experience. After evolving for almost 100 years, it was decided in 2016 that the group would restructure to become part of APGA in order to continue providing services to members, as well as expand to a wider group of interested participants.

The IGE committee organises meetings and seminars to provide opportunities for knowledge sharing, industry collaboration, training and education and encouragement of increased gas usage as well as improving safety in the industry. All members of APGA are welcome to participate in IGE events.

IGE Purpose

Working on a gas distribution pipe. Thanks to Jemena for the image.

The aim of the IGE is:

  • knowledge sharing
  • influence and advocacy as an industry body
  • industry collaboration
  • technical training and industry education
  • Promote a safe industry
  • increased gas utilisation
  • promoting the benefits of gas.

How can I get involved?

IGE consists of a number of individual members and organisations and membership is open to all interested parties including:

  • distribution network owners and operators
  • service providers
  • retailers, suppliers and manufacturers.

IGE events are open to all. APGA membership is required to contribute to the work of the committee, benefit from discounts to IGE and other APGA events and to access member only activities, information and services.

All APGA Members can participate.

This can be either through individual membership or through company membership of APGA.

IGE Committee

The IGE Committee meets on a regular basis to organise forums, information sessions and events.  The committee encourages active participation and open feedback from all industry participants that will help shape the IGE Action Plan.

Committee Members