APGA’s Water Committee was established in 2018 and provides a forum for APGA members that are active in the water industry to share experiences and collaborate on issues of mutual interest. In particular, the Committee looks to share learnings between the gas and water pipeline sectors as there is good work being done in each sector that can be shared and leveraged for the benefit of all.

The Committee provides input relevant to our other activities as much of our technical work applies to pipelines and other buried or linear infrastructure regardless of the material being transported. It is important that this work is developed with as broad an application as possible.

The Committee also advises our engagement with the broader water industry, providing insight into issues and activities of interest where there is opportunity for high-level industry collaboration.

The history of significant water pipeline construction in Australia began with the Goldfields Pipeline or Goldfields Water Supply Scheme, completed in Western Australia in 1903, which was the longest pipeline of its day (more than 500 kilometres). It supplies water from Perth to Kalgoorlie’s gold mining industry.