Andrew Robertson

A wealth of information gathered

Last week's #BetterTogether workshops were a great success, with the views of a range of transmission pipeline customers garnered via the process.

The workshops were the first step in the #BetterTogether initiative on gas pipeline transparency.

APGA National Policy Manager Andrew Robertson said pipeline industry representatives heard from around 20 gas transmission pipeline customers during the four independently facilitated Zoom workshops about ways to improve gas pipeline information reporting to the market, and other feedback on what the customers feel is and isn’t working with the current framework.

APGA’s ultimate vision for the initiative is to increase gas pipeline sector transparency to improve customer and market outcomes. To achieve this, we have facilitated a customer-led process to develop, refine and implement a set of specific proposals for improving pipeline information reporting to better enable informed decision making by customers during commercial negotiations, Andrew said.

The focus of the first series of workshops was pipelines listening to the views of stakeholders in an open discussion to get a better understanding of what the needs of shippers are. The workshops were co-designed with customers and chaired by an independent facilitator to promote active, customer-led discussion. The focus of subsequent workshops will be working with customers to develop solutions in response to the needs identified.

The #Better Together ethos is ideal for this type of exercise where the main requirement is listening to and learning from stakeholders to create a common understanding of what their needs are before trying to develop ways to address those needs.

More information on the outcomes of these discussions and next steps – including the next round of workshops – will be made available in due course.

Originally planned as an all-day face-to-face event at a Melbourne conference venue, we had to redesign the first workshop in the #Better Together series so it could take place via Zoom. Owing to the technical subject matter and the critical need to build trust to facilitate the open discussion upon which the success of the event hinges, the workshop did not lend itself to a large, all-day session online. APGA’s solution was instead to conduct the first workshop as a series of small group sessions (‘table sized’ – up to 8 participants per session).