Sophisticated conversation needed on energy

Meeting future energy needs while meeting net-zero carbon targets requires a sophisticated conversation that explores complex issues, but instead we are beset by slogans and posturing, according to APGA CEO Steve Davies.

In a panel discussion on ‘Opportunities and Risks for large commercial and industrial energy users’ at Australian Energy Week, Steve said the superficial public discourse had a significant impact on large energy users.

“Natural gas provides large users with high quality heat that cannot be easily electrified, yet a lot of companies are under pressure to electrify all energy demand. Even when that is possible, if all commercial and industrial users tried to do so the electricity system would be overwhelmed. Natural gas is a relatively low emission intensity fuel that meets the economy’s heating needs, but it is getting more difficult for many customers to openly support or commit to gas.

“Gas decarbonisation of gas is a great opportunity for the industry and hydrogen, biogas and other fuels are new technologies generating a lot of excitement. The potential is occasionally dismissed as hype, but the reality is gaseous energy is both our best way of providing heat when and where we need it and a huge energy storage opportunity – so decarbonising gas makes a lot of sense and is actively being progressed across the sector.”