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Renewable gases most reliable and lowest cost pathway

Renewable gases delivered through gas infrastructure represent the lowest cost, most reliable pathway to decarbonise gas demand and meet net zero emissions by 2050.

In its submission to the Victorian Gas Substitution Roadmap Consultation Paper, APGA emphasised the need for the Victorian government to focus on the needs of its citizens on the path to decarbonisation.

APGA sees renewable gases such as hydrogen and biogas playing a critical role in decarbonising energy in homes, buildings, industry, transport and electricity generation in the future energy mix. APGA has sought to support this future as the largest industry contributor to the $30M, 80+ research project strong Future Fuels CRC, as well as the facilitation of industry-based research and analysisof the decarbonisation of gas demand.

Gaseous energy is high-quality, affordable energy and has innate qualities that make it a highly usable, transportable and storable form of energy, which in turn lead to gaseous energy being highly affordable for a wide range of energy customers.

These innate qualities are not unique to natural gas, with renewable gases having all of these innate qualities without the carbon emissions of natural gas. Renewable gas is viable and being developed around the globe. Key renewable gas technologies on both the hydrogen and biogas pathways are technologically mature and are currently undergoing commercial scale uplift at a faster pace than solar PV.

A decarbonised gas system is a huge opportunity for Victoria as the Victorian gas infrastructure delivers more energy at lower cost, lower emissions intensity and greater reliability today than Victoria’s electricity infrastructure. Victoria’s existing gas infrastructure represents a greater opportunity than existing electricity infrastructure to deliver lower cost renewable energy to Victorian households and businesses. The Australian gas industry sees its contribution to energy affordability and reliability in a net zero Victoria
as key to delivering the lowest cost, most reliable decarbonisation outcome for Victorian households and businesses.

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