Hydrogen cycle

Public safety record bodes well for hydrogen development

Australia’s robust pipeline safety regime provides a sound foundation and will be a key asset as the nation moves towards alternative low-emission fuels in the future.

APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies congratulated the CoAG Energy Council on initiating the National Hydrogen Strategy and on consulting with industry on the shape of that strategy.

In its submission today to the strategy discussion paper, APGA said Australia was well-placed to move into developing hydrogen as a future fuel.

“APGA strongly supports this initiative,” Mr Davies said.

“APGA and the gas industry have a long-standing commitment to supporting research, development and demonstration of hydrogen energy technologies.

“APGA is the largest funding contributor to the Future Fuels CRC after the Federal Government. APGA is also a nominating organisation for Standards Australia’s newly formed Hydrogen Standards Committee and was a project supporter of CSIRO’s National Hydrogen Roadmap.

“Ensuring public safety has long been an abiding focus of APGA and its members, and that will continue to be the case into the future. Our members have been extremely active in developing the Standards that ensure our pipeline industry prioritises public safety, and in developing guidelines and codes of practice to encourage best practice.

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Public safety record bodes well for hydrogen development media release.

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