Plans for 2050 already developed

Gas transmission and distribution companies are already preparing for dramatically lower emissions, setting ambitions targets to mix the gases in their systems before 2050.

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group Chief Executive Officer Ben Wilson told the 2021 APGA Virtual Convention that AGIG was planning to have 10 per cent hydrogen in its gas distribution networks by 2030.

By 2040, those networks would be fully transitioned to renewable gas, using either hydrogen or biomethane.

AGIG, which owns gas distribution companies as well as transmission pipelines, also has a plan to transition its transmission networks in two stages so that they are wholly renewable gas by 2050 at the latest.

“Those are ambitious targets, but we think they are required,” Mr Wilson said.

“They are large targets, but we think that they are achievable, certainly ion the distribution network.”

Building a hydrogen industry to fuel the existing gas distribution system would also form a substantial production base in green hydrogen to support other projects.

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