Gas burner

Plan recognises critical role for gas

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association welcomes the Federal Government’s plan for affordable and reliable gas announced today.

APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said the plan recognises the critical role natural gas plays, and will continue to play, in the Australian energy mix.

“Natural gas is arguably Australia’s single most important energy source,” Mr Davies said.

“It provides 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity generation, and most of that is peaking power that not all energy sources are suitable to deliver. It is also one of Australia’s biggest exports, providing $47.6 billion of export income in FY 19/20.

On top of that, the direct heat energy provided by natural gas in Australia’s homes, businesses, industry, manufacturers and mineral processors is greater than the energy provided to our economy by the entire electricity system.”

In FY 18/19, natural gas accounted for 943PJ of final energy consumption and electricity accounted for 835PJ.

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