Pipeline companies deliver investment in infrastructure

Jemena’s proposal of a $400 million extension to the Eastern Gas Pipeline is the latest in a series of pipeline expansions that demonstrate the industry’s significant and ongoing investment in energy infrastructure.
APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said the announcement was the third in recent months with the level of investment proving that pipeline companies were highly responsive to developments in the market.
“Under the proposal, Jemena’s Eastern Gas Pipeline will be lengthened by 185km to extend it from Sydney’s west to the Hunter Valley,” Mr Davies said.
“This will connect the Hunter to domestic gas supplies and allow for connections to proposed LNG import terminals at Port Kembla and Newcastle. Jemena is also planning to modify the pipeline to enable it to transport bi-directionally between New South Wales and Victoria.
“This proposal, and other recent developments, will bring gas to more customers, allowing them access to lower-emissions energy and providing energy for growth in industry and commerce.
“Just last month, Australian Gas Infrastructure Group entered into a memorandum of understanding with Central Petroleum to develop the Amadeus to Moomba Pipeline, a 950km pipeline that will cut transport costs for the gas Central produces in the Northern Territory."

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