Overcoming challenges evokes success in 2021 corporate awards

The lowest-cost carbon capture and storage project in the world, an innovative portable winch system and a program that creates an environment where employees feel confident they can speak up have earned awards in the corporate sector of the 2021 APGA Annual Awards.

South Australian pipeline owner operator SEA Gas earned the 2021 APGA Diversity and Inclusion Award for the development and successful implementation of a new plan. The SEA Gas Executive Committee identified an opportunity to improve workplace diversity and inclusion and actively included its workforce in developing a diversity and inclusion plan. A facilitated workshop including all employees held on February 2021 resulted in a number of themes being identified which formed the backbone of the plan.

Very high participation in diversity and inclusion activities seemed to indicate success, and this was tested via a staff survey in which 77 per cent of employees took part, and the results were outstanding. Examples include 80 per cent of respondents feeling respected and free to be themselves, 90 per cent feeling connected and part of the team and 80 per cent comfortable talking about their background and cultural experiences with colleagues.

Challenges posed by steep slopes on a pipeline project in the remote southern highlands of Papua New Guinea has earned the 2021 APGA Safety Award for Nacap.

The Nacap Excavator Winch

The challenging and narrow right of way led to the development of a Safe System of Work to more accurately identify steep slopes and to the design and building of a new portable winch to operate in the restricted area available on the steep slopes. The Safe System of Work included an assessment tool which included a range of data and slopes defined as steep required a risk assessment and development of special work requirements. A mobile restrained winch was identified as the most practical solution, but the right winch for this task was not cost-effectively available, so Nacap designed its own which is mounted on and powered by an excavator and allows the work to proceed safely.

The Moomba Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project has earned the 2021 APGA Environment Award for Santos.

The project will use existing depleted gas reservoirs in the Cooper Basin to store 1.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year safely, securely and permanently, with the intention to increase this capacity to 20 million tonnes a year.                                                                                                                                                            

Santos has a company aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2040, and this project will assist in that achievement while also enabling the production of hydrogen from methane which will contribute to the Australian Government’s target of producing hydrogen at less than $2 a kilogram, thereby enabling the economic development of this essential future fuel.

The Santos Moomba CCS Project is one of the most globally significant projects. It will be one of the largest in the world and one of the lowest cost projects at the company’s current estimate of around $30 a tonne. Importantly, the learnings from work completed to date by Santos will improve the way for future CCS projects, with extensive government engagement leading to improved understanding and regulation.

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Overcoming challenges evokes success in 2021 corporate awards