Opportunity amid these challenging times

Spurred by the need to provide services to our members, the APGA secretariat has designed virtual alternatives to meetings and seminars and is planning even more options in the near future.

Navigating the past week with the rapidly-changing requirements of the response to COVID-19 has required all of our agility, APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said.

Nevertheless, the change has brought with it the opportunity to find some creative solutions to enable us to keep providing value for members.

"Networking and collaboration are two key services the association provides to members," Steve said in his latest LinkedIn post.

The decision we made on Friday 13 March to cancel all APGA events until the end of May was not easy, but made in recognition of the need to do our utmost to stop the transmission of COVID-19.

Work began straightaway on alternatives for the cancelled events.

"We now haveĀ  plans to deliver a series of webinars for the Pipeline Operators Group, starting on Wednesday 8 April, to replace the technical seminar that was due to be held Thursday 2 April," Steve said. "This new event will be open to all members. Registration will open this week.

" We have also devised a series of small virtual workshops to replace a large external stakeholder workshop with pipeline operators and gas consumers aimed at developing new information disclosure guidelines to improve commercial negotiations.

"The kick-off meeting for the third cohort of the APGA Women's Leadership Development Program will go ahead in a virtual classroom.

"APGA's third annual Land Use Change Forum will also now be held virtually and will bring together pipeline operators, planning departments and technical regulators from around the country to share experiences on the management of land use change around pipelines."

APGA is also looking at adding virtual events featuring break-out rooms, scheduled networking, informal networking and conversation and other opportunities to add value for members.

Read Steve's LinkedIn post.