Gas Vision 2050

New, updated edition of Gas Vision 2050 published

A landmark new report Gas Vision 2050: Delivering a Clean Energy Future outlines Australia’s journey to a cleaner energy future by highlighting the pivotal role gas and gas infrastructure can play in Australia’s low carbon energy future.
Gas Vision 2050 was developed by Australia's peak gas industry bodies, including APGA, and demonstrates how gas will continue to provide Australians with reliable and affordable energy beyond 2030.
The report outlines a roadmap to decarbonising the natural gas sector to help meet Australia’s emissions reduction commitments over the coming decades and documents innovative research and strong progress being made in advancing transformational technologies.
The major conclusion of the report is that net-zero emissions can be reached with hydrogen at half the cost of electrification.
The Vision for Australia is to continue to transform gas resources into products and services to enhance national prosperity while achieving carbon neutrality. This strategic approach to reducing emissions can utilise developing technologies to also deliver jobs, growth and export benefits.

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