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National Gas Infrastructure Plan underscores critical role of gas

The interim National Gas Infrastructure Plan (NGIP) shows that gas plays a crucial part in driving the Australian economy, the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association said today.

As the report says, gas is a critical enabler of the Australian economy, APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said.

“Natural gas is a huge source of energy to the Australian economy, contributing to all aspects of modern life,” Mr Davies said.

“Direct use of gas provides 22.3 percent of total end-use energy demand to Australia’s industry, commerce and households. Electricity provides 19 per cent, and 20 per cent of that comes from gas.

“Maintaining gas supply depends on increased private sector investment both in new infrastructure and on expansions of existing infrastructure and it is vitally important that government facilitates this. The release of the interim NGIP is an important milestone.”

The interim NGIP published today identifies short-term infrastructure priorities, barriers to investment and next steps to secure gas supply.

“A stable environment that recognises the risks and competition investors face when making long-term decisions will help the market deliver the next wave of investment to secure Australia’s gas supply into the future,” Mr Davies said.

“Industry has an excellent track record of delivering infrastructure investment when and where it is needed. In recent weeks, there have been significant announcements and major projects being actively explored across the sector.

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