Gas burner

Infrastructure plan an important tool

The federal government’s National Gas Infrastructure Plan will be an important tool to assist in assessing options for addressing supply shortfalls, APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said today.

Now under development, the plan would be for assisting governments, market bodies and industry in assessing options for addressing any supply shortfalls, Mr Davies told the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference.

“Gas plays a critical role in Australian energy supply – providing 22.3 per cent of end-use energy and 20 per cent of all electricity,” Mr Davies said.

“And gas infrastructure delivers more for a lower cost than electricity: we estimate that gas infrastructure delivers from four to 10 times as much energy as electricity infrastructure for the same capital spend.

“It also has the added capability of storing energy, with pipelines typically storing enough gas for two to three days of supply.

“It is clear that more investment is needed to ensure gas continues to provide the low-emission energy that heats our homes and offices and powers our industry and businesses.

“The National Gas Infrastructure Plan suggests the government will focus on enabling investment across the energy sector. More investment will lead to more supply, more competition and more flexibility. This will support strong and healthy energy markets. Gas is no exception to this.

“It is therefore important that other government processes now under way support the aims of the National Gas Infrastructure Plan and do not undermine them.

“For example, revision of regulatory requirements should concentrate on enabling investment.

“We also encourage governments to continue facilitating the development of future fuels.

“Future fuels like hydrogen offer great opportunity to leverage existing gas infrastructure to deliver zero carbon energy in the decades ahead.

“As the largest industry contributor to the Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre, APGA is fully committed to a future energy supply that includes decarbonised gas.”