Individual award winners passionate advocates of pipeline industry

Passion, wisdom, a willingness to share, a thirst for knowledge and an abiding urge to contribute to an industry they love are the hallmarks of the winners of the 2020 APGA Annual Awards for individuals.

Brian O’Sullivan, the winner of the 2020 APGA Outstanding Contribution Award has been a significant and constant supporter of the pipeline industry for more than 30 years. He has played a part in shaping the careers of many in the industry via the companies he established: OSD, OSD Asset Services and PIPEd, and now also via LogiCamms.

In 1992, observing that pipeline engineers frequently moved from service company to service company following the projects, Brian created OSD to allow engineers to work on a range of pipeline projects and to provide both technical and managerial career paths for them. In 2019, OSD was merged with LogiCamms, creating a company of more than 500 staff and further improving the service to clients and to grow the industry.

In 2006, Brian established OSD Asset Services, an independent operations service provider and later the same year he founded Pipeline Industry Professional Education (PIPEd) to assist in knowledge transfer from older engineers to future generations. PIPEd has trained thousands of people. His passion in challenging the norm and innovating solutions have helped foster talent and drive competition in the pipeline industry.

In 2015, Brian was made a Member of the Order of Australia for significant service to engineering in the oil and gas industry, and to support for people with muscular dystrophy.

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Graham Meers, the winner of this year’s Jeff Shepherd Construction Excellence Award, is known as being the first pair of boots on the ground in pipeline construction projects and the last pair to step off.

Undertaking the key role of Land Liaison Officer for Spiecapag Entrepose, Graham successfully negotiates the difficult path between construction activities, the general public and the landowner’s interests. He brings a unique understanding to his dealings with landowners and allays the concerns of the many stakeholders involved. His extensive knowledge of the pipeline industry, gained over three decades of involvement in it, enables him to respond to all issues raised.

Having learned at the side of many legends of the pipeline construction industry, including Jeff Shepherd, Graham shows the same enthusiasm to pass on all he has learned to the next generation.

His passion for pipeline construction is infectious, and he makes a conscious effort to explain the intricacies of projects to newcomers and support staff, as well as those directly involved.

His career began on the Junee to Griffith Pipeline, and since then he has worked on 21 gas and water pipeline construction projects that amounted to about 5000km int total. Those projects took him to every State in Australia, dealing with approximately 6800 landholders, various Indigenous, local and State government bodies. He is often the only connection between landowners and the construction project, and he never fails to ensure that the concerns of all parties involved are addressed.

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Nick Kastelein, the winner of the 2020 APGA Young Achievement Award, has been involved in research via the industry CRCs for 12 years and is now the lead proponent of new projects in complex research areas such as the impact of hydrogen injection in high pressure transmission gas pipelines on fracture initiation phenomena. Since January, he has been the Chair of the Future Fuels CRC’s Metals Pipeline Assets Working Group and, in this role, he developed a research roadmap outlining the research questions, and approach to testing, experimental and theoretical study to progress knowledge of hydrogen embrittlement in transmission pipeline steels. This research is critical to the industry, and an essential activity to help determine a pathway that will determine how high-pressure pipelines remain relevant in a low carbon future and a safe and reliable asset for hydrogen storage and transmission.

An engineer with GPA Engineering, Nick has successfully contributed to a number of significant pipeline projects, including the recent Northern Gas Pipeline project, and is providing a key role on a number of hydrogen projects. He facilitates GPA’s Mechanical Engineering Technical Subject Owners Working Group, has written the company’s stress analysis work procedure and templates and is the author of the GPA Guardian software, a database for conducting pipeline safety management studies.

Nick is a member of the ME-038-01 Standards Committee that oversees the industry Standard, AS 2885, and was a key contributor to the development of the Fracture Control Code of Practice. in Australia.

He has high-level presentation skills, and is a prolific writer, presenter and communicator.

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