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Grid Reliability Fund changes supported

APGA has expressed its strong support for measures announced by the Federal Government to adjust the Clean Energy Finance Corporation's Grid Reliability Fund.

In a submission ro the Inquiry into the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Amendment (Grid Reliability Fund) Bill 2020, APGA said the amendements represented a balnced and pragmatic approach.

"We strongly support the legislative amendments proposed in the Bill and feel that they represent a balanced and pragmatic approach to realising the stated goal of the Grid Reliability Fund (GRF) to 'unlock private sector investment for clean energy projects that will secure the grid and put downward pressure on prices'," APGA says in its submission.

"APGA supports the government’s stated commitment to 'encouraging investment to support the reliability of the electricity grid and improve affordability for energy users'.

"The Grid Reliability Fund (GRF) has the potential to facilitate the private sector investment needed to make the commitment to supporting electricity grid reliability and improved affordability a reality. However, a balanced and pragmatic and, above all, technology neutral approach is essential for maximising the GRF’s potential."

Read the submission.


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