SA Electricity supply 310120

Government is right to focus on gas

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has issued a very timely messages highlighting the vital role that natural gas will play in supporting increased use of renewables in energy generation.

As temperatures soared across the southern States, gas kept the nation running by significantly boosting electricity generation.

With much of south-eastern Australia expected to experience temperatures over 40 degrees today, demand for electricity will be high.

“It is predicted that the National Electricity Market (NEM) will see the highest electricity demand in three years later this evening,” APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said.

Information provided by the NEM showed that gas was essential in maintaining power across the nation.

“Gas plays a key role across the NEM,” Mr Davies said.

“The statistics for the NEM from the different States paint an interesting picture.

“For instance, in South Australia yesterday, renewable energy provided 82.9 per cent of electricity supply at 11:00am. As the wind dropped in the afternoon, the temperature rose to almost 43 degrees and this at a time when people were returning home and switching on air conditioners to cool down, and sunset was drawing near. All these factors combine to produce an extremely high demand on the remaining generation capacity."

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