Gas burner

Focus on the big picture to meet emissions targets

Proposed moratoriums on gas connections demonstrate a failure to see the big picture, the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association said today.

Decarbonisation of Australia’s energy sector is not an option: the Australian gas industry is committed to doing just that – as set out in Gas Vision 2050, APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said.

“The decarbonisation of the Australian economy is a massive, complex undertaking and gas infrastructure has a major part to play,” he said.

“Moratoriums on gas usage or connections mean that vital link in the chain is unavailable.

“The most effective way to meet emissions targets while retaining affordable and secure energy supply is to decarbonise gas and Australia’s gas industry is well on the way to making this goal a reality.

“We are investing heavily in hydrogen and renewable gas research and technologies through pilot projects around the country and the Future Fuels CRC. APGA is the largest industry participant in the Future Fuels CRC.

“The road to net zero emissions is paved with a range of options, and we’ll need a number of them to achieve the goal. The electricity sector has a huge task ahead of it decarbonising Australia’s electricity generation, and the idea it can simultaneously replace gas is simply wrong.

“There is every reason to keep using natural gas today because it is low emission and it keeps options open to use decarbonised and renewable gases in future."

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