Energy supply chain essential to ensure delivery

APGA has been advised that the National Coordination Mechanism has recommended that the energy industry and its supply chain be included in the definition of essential services.

"This is an extremely welcome development and is in no small part due to the high degree of responsiveness in the the pipeline industry," APG Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said.

"The National Coordination Mechanism is the CoAG Body established to manage the COVID-19 crisis. We realised that ensuring a reliable supply of energy, which is especially important in these difficult times, could very well depend on ensuring that the entire support system necessary to deliver that supply was considered essential. A meeting last week of the Energy Coordination Mechanism which feeds into the National Coordination Mechanism provided us with an opportunity to inform decision-making.

"To that end, we last week asked all our company representatives to provide information on the their essential roles and functions of the various parts of the supply chain. Our members had only a very short time to respond as the circumstances were changing rapidly.

"Nevertheless, we received a significant amount of information which we put into a brief for governments to inform their decision-making.

"This is a great outcome and we would like to thank all the members who responded so quickly to our request for information.

"It is another demonstration of the great things that can come from have all parts of the supply chain participating in APGA."

There is still detail to be resolved. While all jurisdictions are committed to national consistency, there will be differences in approach and we will continue to work for members to ensure effective protocols that simplify compliance with any government requirements to continue operations during the crisis.