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Energy Charter a great step forward

APGA welcomes today’s world-leading launch of the Energy Charter which aims to hone the focus of the whole energy sector to their customers.

APGA’s major gas transmission pipeline owners and operators have already committed to the Energy Charter which is open to all energy businesses across the supply chain.

“We understand this is a world first whole-of-industry initiative focused on embedding customer-centric culture and conduct in energy businesses,” APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said.

“Australian gas transmission companies are all service providers, providing transportation and storage services to markets and users. Gas transmission companies work actively to provide the capacity and services that market participants need. The Energy Charter provides an excellent framework to ensure interactions with customers remain focussed on delivering the best outcomes for them.

“It is important for the entire energy supply chain to remember that keeping their focus on their customers is an important ingredient in making their businesses flourish.

“Energy Consumers Australia has provided guidance on consumer expectations and participated during the development of the Charter.

“The Energy Charter sets out five principles to advance the industry vision and Principles in Action that represent practical initiatives to progress the Principles and these provide a great deal of clarity about what participants will deliver.

“Participants will agree to publicly identify how they are delivering against the Charter Principles and providing positive outcomes for customers. An independent accountability panel is also proposed to review disclosures and produce an annual evaluation report on them.”

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Energy Charter a great step forward media release.

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