Emissions management system wins 2021 APGA Innovation Award

The winner of the 2021 APGA Innovation Award is Powered which for the AIRDAR: Identifying and Measuring Fugitive Emissions in Gas Infrastructure.

Airdar’s emissions monitoring, analytical, and management innovation uses ambient data to locate and quantify emissions of any detectable airborne compound including methane and CO2. The Airdar technology has been applied in the oil and gas, chemical, water treatment, and waste management industries, resulting in significant cost savings, GHG emission reductions, and improved safety.

Emissions monitoring has traditionally been performed by manual inspection using a handheld detector or, in some instances, drones. However, sporadic measurements are inadequate for providing an accurate total emissions profile. Best practices dictate that monitoring must be continuous. Airdar provides continuous monitoring to give an accurate profile of emissions over time. This allows benchmarking of volumes of fugitive emissions and location of sources.

The APGA Innovation Award, introduced this year, aims to highlight innovation in our industry and to bring to the attention of the wider membership products and services that could be beneficial for their businesses.  Sixteen products and services were entered this year and the final result determined by delegates at the 2021 APGA Virtual Convention and Exhibition who voted on a short-list of five entrants.

Find out about all the entries in the Innovation Awards booklet.