Steve Davies

Cooperation is the key: CEO Steve Davies @ the 2018 APGA Convention video

APGA CEO Steve Davies urged members to use the cooperative abilities developed over the decades when facing challenges in future.

In a wide-ranging speech which you can watch via the video link below, Mr Davies said one of the most important challenges of the future was the social licence to operate.

“An industry’s social licence is not something that can be managed individually,” he said in a speech to the 2018 APGA Annual Convention held in Darwin.

“Every individual company needs it. Every individual project needs it. Owners need it. Contractors need it. Service providers need it. Suppliers need it. But we must have it collectively, as the pipeline industry, as the gas industry, for any project to get off the ground.

“If society doesn’t trust or respect us, there won’t be much opportunity for us. We have to have it collectively, but any individual company can damage an industry’s social licence. If one pipeline ruptures in an urban area, every pipeline will face increased scrutiny. If one construction project damages the environment, every project will face stricter conditions. If one easement acquisition process mismanages landholder engagement, we all look bad.

"If one of us fails, the whole industry will be deemed to have failed.

”I think part of the energy industry, and the banking industry, challenge today has been caused by too great an emphasis on the business side of our businesses.

“We can’t keep doing that. We need to learn to focus on our role in society and what we can do to earn and keep our place in it.

“That’s one of the reasons we work together, to identify causes of failure, to agree on the best way to prevent it and to share experiences when failure does occur.

“The need for us to constantly strive to do things better will never lessen. The expectations of the community, regulators, clients, will only increase. The risk of a major failure will always be there.

“There’s a flip side to this, we are not just working together on a never-ending task to minimise failure, we are helping each other succeed. Success is equally important as failure for our industry’s social licence and reputation.

“More importantly, we all have to succeed every time for our social licence to continue.

“And when one of us succeeds, the industry succeeds. Even better, we can build on each other’s success.”

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