APA Safety

Awards recognise excellence in safety, environment and diversity

Three APGA member companies have earned the recognition of the pipeline industry by winning the 2020 APGA corporate awards in the areas of environment, safety and diversity and inclusion.

Australia's largest renewable hydrogen project, Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA) has earned the 2020 APGA Annual Environment Award for Australian Gas Infrastructure Group.

The HyP SA facility will:

  • be the largest proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser in Australia 

  • be Australia’s first integrated electricity-hydrogen-public gas network project

  • demonstrate how electrolysers can be integrated into electricity and gas networks around the country with a view to supporting electricity grid stability and decarbonisation

  • demonstrate renewable hydrogen as a first step to decarbonising various sectors, including gas use in homes develop learnings which will be shared with industry through the Australian Hydrogen Centre

  • underpin future projects on the pathway to commercial hydrogen.

It will deliver five per cent renewable hydrogen blend to more than 700 homes in the South Australian suburb of Mitchell Park, and it represents a very important strategic step in establishing Australia’s hydrogen industry ambitions. HyP SA has the capacity to replace the average gas annual consumption of around 1500 homes with renewable hydrogen, and to demonstrate the carbon-free gas delivery model of the future.

MPC Kinetic won the inaugural APGA Annual Diversity and Inclusion Award for a package of policies and action plans that make up its Workplace Inclusion and Diversity Programs.

The action plans cover attraction and recruitment, professional development and retention, inclusivity leadership and inclusivity culture. In addition, a range of activities developed under the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan aims to achieve the company’s vision to build respectful, lasting and equally beneficial relationships through dialogue internally and externally on this shared journey with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

In one year of implementation, the company has almost doubled its previous ratio of ATSI employees and all new ATSI employees are participating in either traineeships (particularly younger employees) or skills upgrades. This success has spurred the company’s leadership team to increase and enhance its engagement of ATSI people and at set higher targets for the next step in its plan, the Innovate RAP. MPC Kinetic won the inaugural APGA Annual Diversity and Inclusion Award for a package of policies and action plans that make up its Workplace Inclusion and Diversity Programs.

APA Group’s won the 2020 APGA Annual Safety Award for its Process Safety Fundamentals program.

The program was carefully planned and rolled out over 2.5 years and achieved a step change in the awareness and engagement across the organisation. The rollout overcame many challenges posed by a geographically distributed workforce.

This cultural change was successful due to coordinated change campaign across three key fronts:

  • make the content simple, clear and relevant

  • deliver the content in such a way that maximises engagement

  • back up the training and roll out with strong underlying systems and processes.

Among other things, the program used clear and simple language, used story-telling and real-life experiences, targeted at-risk behaviours – focusing improvements on behaviours that are relevant to the APA business. 

It also focused on delivering geographically specific systems and processes and documentation that incorporated two-way interaction with the frontline teams.

As a result, the process safety roll-out program shifted APA’s understanding of process safety from a low level of awareness, to the level where it is now, a commonly socialised term spoken by executives to administrative staff, from asset managers to field technicians.


You can see the video recording of the APGA Annual Awards Presentation via the resources below.