APGA President Dave Maloney @ the 2018 APGA Convention

APGA has released a video of  President Dave Maloney's speech to the 2018 APGA Annual Convention where he highlighted the work of the association's committees as a major strength of the association.

Hundreds of APGA members had volunteered their time and expertise to continuously improve the industry, with a focus on safety, information-sharing and adapting to meet challenges as they arose, Mr Maloney said.

“Much of the important development of products and services the association achieves takes place via the work of our committees,” he said.

“These play a key role in information-sharing, and in helping industry participants know, understand and implement best practice.

“Over the past decades, committees have produced a significant number of codes of practice, guidelines and the like. Most significantly has been the contribution of APGA members to the development of the Australian Standard for Petroleum Pipelines AS 2885.

“These have all been developed to meet needs arising in the industry which are brought to the committees through members’ participation in those bodies.

“The guidelines and codes of practice produced by our committees help to make our workplaces safer and, importantly, they make the public safer through describing and promoting best practice.

“Several of our guidelines and codes are recognised in regulation around the country. This helps everyone.

“Industry can be confident it is driving the benchmarks and standards that should be met, regulators can be confident they have access to the industry’s skills and expertise and the public can be confident of getting best outcomes.”

Watch the full speech on video via the link below.

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