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APGA events postponed and cancelled

The APGA Board met yesterday to review future events in the light of the ongoing restrictions on gatherings introduced to curb the transmission of COVID-19.


After detailed deliberation of all the circumstances, the APGA Board has made the very difficult decision to postpone the 2020 Convention and Exhibition in Brisbane until 2021.


In 2020, we will instead hold a virtual Convention. The full details of this event will be made available as soon as possible.


As part of our deliberations, we have also decided to cancel all our larger in-person events, such as dinners, up to the Annual Convention and Exhibition. Each State is moving at a different speed and has different requirements for large gatherings, but the current social distancing requirements in all States mean that all attendees would have to be seated at all times at tables of between three and five people. If there are significant changes to the social distancing requirements, we will start our other events up again immediately.


We hope to be able to deliver Christmas events as close to normal as possible.