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ACT plan risks access to future zero-carbon options

The ACT Government’s move to reduce emissions from gas use to zero by 2045 is commendable but its strategy takes the wrong approach.

The ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019–2025 issued this week includes achievable and ambitious emissions reduction targets, and the ACT Government is to be congratulated for outlining clear steps to achieve these goals, APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said.

“However, at a time when a significant amount of work is being done on introducing zero-carbon gas such as hydrogen into the existing gas infrastructure to cut emissions, the ACT Government is planning to introduce measures to encourage people to move away from gas use entirely,” Mr Davies said.

“These measures include removing the requirement to install reticulated gas in new suburbs and setting timelines to phase out both new and existing gas connections.

“There are exciting new developments with ‘green’ gases that are set to be released commercially.

“Australia is at the forefront of developments in hydrogen technology, and these include the use of excess renewable energy to make hydrogen from water. The hydrogen can be stored in existing gas networks and has no carbon emissions when used directly."

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