APGA is the peak national body representing Australia's pipeline industry. Membership benefits for APGA members can include:

  1. Access to industry insights, market intelligence, and technical information. This includes archival information and historical data.
  2. Discounted networking opportunities with other industry professionals, regulators, and government representatives.
  3. Advocacy on behalf of the industry on regulatory, policy, and operational issues, on a national and state level.
  4. Ability to participate and represent APGA on key industry committees and forums.
  5. Access to training and professional development opportunities.
  6. Discounts on industry events, conferences, and publications.This includes the anual APGA Convention and Exhibition
  7. Access to a range of technical and safety standards and guidelines.
  8. Representation on national and international industry organisations, including Canada, New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

These benefits aim to provide APGA members with support and resources to help them succeed in their business operations and to advance the overall growth of the pipeline industry in Australia.