International Research Joint Technical Meetings

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association’s Research and Standards Committee (APGA RSC) is part of the tripartite partnership between the European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG) and the north-American based Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI). Together, these three organisations have members operating on five continents.

Every two years, the three research organisations convene to stage the International Research Joint Technical Meeting (JTM). This world-class forum reflects the most significant collaborations in pipeline research formed by the tripartite partnership. The JTM is a unique opportunity to collaboratively demonstrate pipeline research excellence and to address the challenges confronting the pipeline industry at a global level. The tripartite partners take it in turn to host this important event, which provides a forum for the partners and the pipeline community to present the latest technology and research developments and to discuss future joint activities.

The 2017 JTM was hosted by PRCI in Colorado Springs, Colorado from 1 – 5 May and the 2019 JTM will be hosted by the APGA RSC in Brisbane from 29 April to 3 May.