While APGA mainly focuses on the high pressure oil and gas transmission sector, with increasing pressures on water resources in Australia, many of the industry’s most reputable constructors are now involved in water pipeline projects throughout Australia. These range from small diameter water and sewerage pipelines through to large diameter critical infrastructure projects. Water is increasingly becoming part of the pipeline industry and Association.

The history of significant water pipeline construction in Australia commenced with the Goldfields Pipeline or Goldfields Water Supply Scheme, completed in Western Australia in 1903, which was the longest pipeline of its day (more than 500 kilometres). It supplies water from Perth to Kalgoorlie’s gold mining industry.

Some recent major water pipeline construction includes:

  • The Wimmera-Mallee Pipeline
  • Western Corridor Recycle Water Project
  • Southern Regional Water Pipeline Projects
  • Sugar Loaf Water Pipeline Project
  • Cloncurry Water Pipeline
  • Adelaide Desalination Plant
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