The transition from subject matter expert and individual contributor to leader can be challenging but is critical to the long-term success of the individual, the teams they lead and the organization.

This program is designed for people with zero to five years of leadership experience and is delivered by two incredible leadership consultants and coaches, Dr. Gretchen Gagel and Greg O’Meara.

Topics covered include:

·Defining Leadership versus Management: What are the elements of successful leadership? How does this differ from management?

·Team Leadership: How do I show up as a leader, both formal and informal, within my team? How can I leverage tools such as the DiSC profile to understand and leverage my strengths, and explore/mitigate my areas for improvement? How do I help my team perform at the highest possible level? Each participant takes a complementary DiSC profile.

·Time Management and Prioritization: How do I divide my time between subject matter expert, management, and leadership tasks? How do priorities my activities?

·Effective Communication: What tools can I use, such as the Conversation Meter, to improve my ability to communicate with my team? How can I also leverage the DiSC Profile to improve communication within our team? How do I have difficult but necessary conversations that are high quality and lead to intended outcomes?

·Psychological Safety and Trust: How can our team leverage the extensive research on teams that demonstrates that one of the most critical factors to performance is psychological safety? How can I, as a leader, build trust and psychological safety within our team to improve team performance?

·Stakeholder Engagement: How do I used these tools and those from previous sessions to effectively manage and engage stakeholders?

·Giving and Receive Feedback: How do I effectively coach others to their best performance? How do I effectively manage the performance of others? How do I effectively take on feedback to improve?

·Motivation: How do I motivate others to perform at their peak level using both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators? How do I motivate myself?

The cost for the program in 2023 is $2500 inc GST. Participants must also cover travel and accommodation costs.