Creating Cultural Change to Support Gender Equality in Engineering

Creating Cultural Change to Support Gender Equality in Engineering Presentation

9:45am Thursday, 1 December 2022
11:00am Thursday, 1 December 2022
Plaza Auditorium - Brisbane Convention Centre
Glenelg St
South Brisbane, Queensland 4104

Creating Cultural Change to Support Gender Equality in Engineering Presentation

Carina Nixon & Margaret Gayen presented their paper ‘Creating Cultural Change to Support Gender Equality in Engineering’ at the 2022 APGA convention and exhibition. Not only did it get a standing ovation at the event, there have been ongoing requests to repeat the presentation and share the stories they have collected with a wider audience.

It is a brave and powerful presentation that highlights a critical industry issue. One that many shy away from, ignore or claim does not exist. Their research suggests otherwise, and the stories they have collected demonstrate that gender inequality is still an issue to be dealt with today.

As they mention in their presentation “All of these stories are true. Some of them are our own. Some of them are yours. All of them are from this industry. We ask you to realise that other people’s experiences are different to yours and that does not make them wrong. Let’s promise each other that if someone is brave enough to talk that we will be brave enough to listen. We want to work together to build an industry that doesn’t just count women, but makes every single person feel like they count.”

Margaret and Carinas unique and impactful portrayal of a real and invasive issue will challenge the listener and hopefully have an impact on the way every member of engineering community thinks about inclusion, gender equality and the consequences of stereotyping.

We encourage all of you to engage and read the research paper [].

Thank you Carina Nixon and Margaret Gayen for graciously agreeing to present this work again, and share it with more of us willing to listen.

We all have the opportunity to come and see Carina and Margaret share their work at the Brisbane Convention Centre on the 1st of December 2022, free of charge.

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Margaret is an experienced Mechanical / Project Engineer at GPA Engineering, with skills in technical design, problem solving and public speaking.

She was recently awarded Young Professional Engineer of the Year for South Australia by Engineers Australia, and the Young Energy Professional Development Award by the Australian Institute for Energy.

Margaret stands out as a reliable and capable leader and engineer. She has designed leading-edge medical technology, new oil and gas facilities, and published research for the emerging hydrogen industry. She is also an advocate for gender equality. She is using storytelling to create cultural change within engineering organisations, and has recently published research into the gender equality of the Australian pipeline and gas industry.

As an athlete, she represented Australia in 6 international competitions including the Commonwealth Games.

Margaret Gayen | LinkedIn



Growing up up in the remote islands of the Torres Strait, Carina fell in love with the culture and lifestyle it entails. This developed her passion for making the world a better place and has led to a career as an engineer, CEO of Youth without Boarders and Chair of Spark Engineering Camps prior to joining WeAspire as their Head of Experiences.

Carina is passionate about celebrating diversity and individuality and showing that a collaboration between all cultures and backgrounds will fuel the future of the STEM world. She believes in empowering the next generation to experience everything the world has to offer them.

Carina enjoys bringing people together, coordinating projects and developing her leadership skills. A Mechanical Engineer by training, she recently graduated and completed her final year honours thesis titled "Determining the cost of decarbonising the ACT gas distribution network".

Carina primarily supports a portfolio of hydrogen and renewable energy projects and is well versed on all elements of the hydrogen supply chain and decarbonisation strategies.

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