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Welcome to the eleventh edition of ceNEWS for 2019: December

Message from the CEO

The message from CEO Steve Davies is now available on video.

You can see it by clicking on this link. If you'd prefer to read the words, you can find them in the pdf version in the resources on the ceNEWS page. The content is not guaranteed to be the same. Go on, give the video a try. And while you're there, leave a comment or like the video. Steve likes the feedback!


Board Meeting

The Board met for the final time in 2019 in November in Sydney. In addition to normal business, the Board met the Chair of the Future Fuels CRC, Charles Rottier, regarding the status of the FFCRC. The Board also met Chris Harvey on the status of the uptake of the Pipeline Engineer Competency System (PECS).

Among a wide range of issues discussed throughout the meeting, the Board would like to bring to the attention of members that:

· The Board has endorsed the continuation of the Women’s Leadership Development Program and investigation of a wider program to support and engage women in our industry.

· The Board has established a sub-committee to review the uptake of the PECS, with the view to helping more engineers to become registered.

· The FFCRC has approved substantially more projects than any other CRC commencing in the same round. This is largely due to two key factors, the great team at the FFCRC and the frameworks provided by APGA’s RSC and the EPCRC.

New Members

APGA would like to welcome the following new members approved at the November Board Meeting:

  •          Roadside Products Pty Ltd

  •         Specialty Polymer Coatings, Inc

  •         Water Corporation

APGA Holiday Season Office Hours

The APGA secretariat wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

The APGA office will be closed from close of business on Friday 20 December 2020. It will reopen at 0900 AEDT on Monday 13 January 2020.

We look forward to catching up with all our members and friends in 2020.

Technical Webinar Series 2020

The Technical Webinars which were introduced in 2019 will continue in 2020. The series will begin on Thursday 20 February 2020. If you have a suggestion for a topic or presenter or anything else, please email Communications Manager Karen Polglaze

The videos of all of our webinars for 2019, including the highly popular tenth webinar: Understanding Pipeline Failure in Areas Subject to Land Use Change are available to members only via the resources on this page or via the Technical Webinars link on the home page. Keep an eye out for upcoming technical webinars by checking APGA Events on the website.

Every employee can have a log-on

A reminder that APGA membership entitles all of the staff of a member company to the benefits of membership. Encourage your staff to get a log-on for the website if they haven’t already to access many of those benefits.

Contact APGA’s Membership Officer, Katy Spence if you have any questions about your membership.

AS/NZS 2885.2 and AS 4564 open for review

The second draft of AS/NZS 2885.2 (Pipelines: Gas and Liquid Petroleum – Welding) and the final draft of AS 4564 (General Purpose Natural Gas) are now available for final review. The public comment period is open until 20 January 2020 for AS/NZS 2885.2 and 23 January 2020 for AS 4564.

If you have any questions, please contact APGA and your query will be forwarded to the responsible subcommittee members. The links to download the draft and make comment can be found here. Please note that comments must be submitted via the Standards website or they will not be considered. Registration to provide comment is a simple process through the link above.

EPBC Act 10-year Review

The statutory review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) has begun with Professor Graeme Samuel AC appointed as the independent reviewer. APGA will be making a submission to the discussion paper and we welcome your input.

Please read the discussion paper and resources at EPBC Act Review and if you have comments you’d like included for consideration in the APGA submission please ensure you submit in the format of the submission guidelines to Sean Helbig by 31 January 2020 for submission by the due date of 14 February, 2020.


APGA was deeply saddened to be advised of the passing of one of the world’s foremost experts on pipeline pigging and the publication of technical knowledge, John Tiratsoo. Founder of the Journal of Pipeline Engineering and former Editor-in-Chief of Pipelines International, John passed away in early November and he has left an incredible legacy and lasting memories of a wonderful person and legendary pipeliner.

Gas and energy policy

As we come to the end of 2019 the pace of activity on the policy front shows no signs of slowing. By far the biggest issue is the Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for consultation on Options to improve gas pipeline regulation. As mentioned in November ceNews, the significance of the RIS for owners and operators of gas transmission pipelines can’t be overstated as the outcomes of this process will determine the future shape of the regulatory environment in which all pipelines must do business. The RIS document covers the full range of possible regulatory options from maintaining the status quo to requiring full regulation of all pipeline. APGA will lodge its submission to the RIS by 20 December; a copy will also be posted to our website.

On 1 December, we began a summer program of daily monitoring of gas use in the National Electricity Market. Last summer’s heatwaves highlighted the critical role of gas in the electricity system. Gas power can and does ramp up at critical times right when it is needed to keep the power system operating, that is when there’s exceptionally high demand and non-dispatchable sources like wind are unavailable. This summer, APGA will highlight any robust examples of the role of gas in guaranteeing power system security for immediate public dissemination.

There is also plenty happening in relation to land-use change management in the vicinity of pipeline corridors. A third Land-Use Change Management Forum is planned for 4 February 2020 in Adelaide. The agenda will cover topics relating to corridor encroachment management, including engagement with planning authorities and developers and the expectations of regulators. On a related note, Western Australian pipeline assets have now been added to the APGA Australian Pipeline Database, making this a truly national database, covering all Australian states and territories with the exception of Tasmania.

Future Skills Survey

Australian Industry Standards (AIS) is inviting responses from industry representatives to a survey about key issues affecting skills and workforce development. The skills survey aims to build a whole-of-industry picture and will be used to assist the national Industry Reference Committee (IRC) to identify new or emerging skills needs and inform training package development. APGA supports the Gas IRC and has a representative on it. The skills survey can be completed online and should take no more than 10 minutes. Submissions are also invited. Go here to complete the Skills Survey and/or make a submission. Survey closes on Friday 17 January 2020.

For more information please contact AIS via email or by calling 03 9604 7200.

 Committee news

Research and Standards Committee

The Research and Standards Committee (RSC) met recently in Perth and spent a very productive day reviewing the progress of the Future Fuels CRC and its associated research activities. The Committee spent time sharing lessons learned from recent industry activities and agreed that it was vital for the industry to be more pro-active in countering the negative attitude being shown towards the use of gas.

Health, Safety and Environment Committee

The HSE Committee met in Brisbane on 6 December. The website will be updated to include information shared by members on safety alerts, lessons learned and safety tools such as safe driving videos.  

The Fatigue Management Guidelines and Handbook have been updated and are available to members on our website at Fatigue Management Guidelines and Handbook.A new Biodiversity Offset Guideline has been produced and is on the website at Biodiversity Offset Guideline.


The YPF has had a very busy year with more than 25 events held around the country including technical evenings, site visits and social functions. Each State committee is busy planning its calendar of events for 2020, so sign up to the mailing list in your area and meet up with other young people involved in the pipeline and gas industry.

If you would like to subscribe to the YPF mailing list in your State, visit


The Call for Papers for the APGA 2020 Annual Convention and Exhibition is now open.

The 52nd Annual Convention of the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 17 to 20 October 2020 and will cover a range of issues in the theme: New Decade: New Perspectives. The deadline for abstract submission is Friday 21 February 2020. Find out more about the Call for Papers and how to submit your abstract.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for next year’s Convention and these can be discussed with APGA Business Manager Steve Dobbie, while Exhibition Coordinator Charmaine Ogilvie can be contacted regarding exhibition opportunities.

Upcoming events

AGIT Gas Speak Colloquium

Save the date. The 2020 Gas Speak Colloquium is scheduled for 31 August to 2 September 2020 and will be held in Canberra. A one-day training session designed for executives in the pipeline and gas industry who are required to advocate on behalf of the industry in a variety of situations will also be held on Tuesday 1 September.

APGA Networking events

The first APGA event for 2020 will be held, as usual, in Perth. The very popular WA golf day and dinner will be held at the Hartfield Golf Course on 12 February. The major sponsors are Momentum Engineering, Oceaneering, Orix and Rosen. The other sponsors of the event include: Alltype Engineering; APA Group; APTS; Atteris; Denso (Australia); Duratec Australia; Edgen Murray; Fyfe Marubeni Itochu Steel; MPC Kinetic; Nobles; P&A Welding Pty Ltd; Pipecraft; Pipeline Machinery International; PM Piping; Qube; ShawCor; Spie; Spiecapag Entrepose; Tremco Pipeline Equipment; UCC and Valmec. Register now.

The February Brisbane informal drinks networking function will be held at the Jade Buddha restaurant and bar on 20 February. Registration will open in January.

In New Zealand, there will be a Seminar, Golf Day and dinner at New Plymouth on 27 February and registration for this day is now open. Sponsors for this event are Denso (Australia) Pty Ltd, Mipela GeoSolutions, Baker Hughes a GE company, Tremco Pipeline Equipment and LFF New Zealand, while the Core Group is also supporting the event.

There will be a Melbourne dinner on 5 March at the Pullman on the Park near the MCG and an Adelaide dinner on 19 March at the Adelaide Hilton.

Other events

The International Gas Union Research Conference is to be held on 24-26 February 2020 in Muscat, Oman. One of the main discussion topics is gas pipelines and distribution. See

Europe’s leading conference and exhibition on pipeline systems, the Pipeline Technology Conference, will be held in Berlin, Germany, from 30 March to 2 April 2020. Find out more.

HERA NZ will hold the Pipeline Defect Assessment Course (PDAC) in Auckland from 9 to 11 June 2020. PDAC has been presented for more than 25 years in locations all over the world. The course covers quantitative and qualitative assessment methods for defects detected in oil and gas transmission pipelines: attendees are shown various methods to assess a wide range of defects in pipelines. It shows pipeline operators, service providers, and consultants how they can demonstrate that pipelines are safe to operate without the need to repair many of the defects present. PDAC will be delivered by UK-based expert Phil Hopkins in 2020. APGA members are offered a 15 per cent discount. Find out more.