CoAG Energy Ministers decide to test pipeline reforms

new-revision-of-code-of-environmental-practice-availableThe CoAG Energy Council’s decision today to test the impact of a raft of recently introduced reforms to gas transmission pipelines demonstrates a welcome return of sound judgment in energy policy.

Changes ordered by the CoAG Energy Council are still being developed and implemented, so a foreshadowed second wave of changes before the first round was bedded down could have spelled disaster, APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said.

“It’s refreshing to see that wise heads have prevailed,” Mr Davies said.

“Ministers have also decided to allow a reasonable time-frame for implementation of some of the reforms that are still in development.

“Some of the changes are complex and it will take time to see the full impact they have. Allowing time is a sensible move, and now policy-makers can turn their attention to the more intractable problems in the energy sector while the pipeline industry gets on with its part.”

Read more in the CoAG Energy Ministers decide to test pipeline reforms media release.

Last updated on 24 Nov 2017 by kpolglaze