Welcome to the APGA Update

This is our new monthly publication to keep you in touch with what's going on at APGA. If you'd like something included, please contact Karen Polglaze. The APGA Update will be published in the middle of the month from February to December.

Emissions working group established

A lot of members are working on emissions reduction in some shape or form in 2021 and APGA is convening a working group to share information and support collaboration. We’re kicking off with a virtual workshop on Tuesday 16 March. If you’re interested, please email Steve Davies for the details.

AS 2885.5 now available

AS 2885.5 Field Pressure Testing is now available. Thank you to the Part 5 committee members for their hard work and dedication to get this published. The publication is available via the Standards Australia website.

Young Pipeliners Forum

The YPF is planning events in each State in 2021 including a site visit to Darwin on 14 July before the Darwin Dinner. Places will be limited. Watch for more information coming soon.

If you’re interested in supporting any of the APGA YPF events held around the country or joining one of the State Committees, please contact APGA.

Research and Standards Committee

The RSC will hold a face-to-face meeting in Brisbane on Thursday 11 March which will include an Executive Meeting. There will be an option to join virtually for those unable to travel.

Pipeline Operations Group

POG will hold a meeting in Melbourne on Wednesday 24 March. The program for the POG Seminar to be held in Melbourne on Thursday 25 March is being finalised. The seminar will focus on dealing with current challenges in the pipeline industry. Virtual options are being finalised for both the meeting and the seminar.

Pipeline Corridor Committee

The next meeting of the Pipeline Corridor Committee Working Group is provisionally scheduled for Tuesday 16 March. Other key Pipeline Corridor Committee activities coming up in the first half of 2021 include the Fourth Land-Use Change Forum. To take place in Adelaide on a date yet to be confirmed, the Forum will focus on the new SA Planning and Design Code.  

APD Forums

APGA hosted series of State-level online forums for Australian Pipeline Database (APD) stakeholders in late 2020 (for Vic, NSW, SA and WA). The aim of the forums was to bring pipeline licensees, planning authorities and others together to exchange information and highlight the advantages of participating in the APD and to discuss ways to further optimise effectiveness of this system. The forums were well attended, there was constructive and useful discussion on several key issues, and council planners are very positive about the APD in general.

Government looks at impact of trade disruptions

 The Federal Government has reached out to industry associations for information on how recent disruptions to Australia’s trade have affected industries. If members would like APGA to raise any issues, please contact Steve Davies by email or phone and we can ensure they are represented, in confidence, to the government.