APGA has opened a new channel of communication for members.

In 2020, we're planning to run a number of very short surveys - up to three related questions only - which will aim to ascertain yours opinions on a range of topics. Access to our surveys will be via this page which you'll be able to find via the home page quick links and a link in the Publications drop-down menu. We plan to run one a month, but if we have more questions, we may publish them more frequently. We’ll do our best to incorporate the results of our surveys in future planning. Survey results will be published here after each survey has closed. The responses are confidential, and only unidentifiable data will be published in the results.

If you have a question you think the industry would like a say on, send it to Karen Polglaze.

Current survey

These days we're looking at some of the changes that have taken place as a result of COVID-19 transmission prevention measuresAfter a successful opening series of APGA Technical Webinars in 2019, we thought we'd ask you what topics you might be interested in for the 2020 series.