APGA Fact Sheets

In this series of fact sheets we unpack several key issues facing the pipeline and gas industry in the short to medium term. Each fact sheet focuses on a set topic and utlizes the most recently available industry research, and third party data to draw conclusions. 

APGA supports a net zero emission future for Australia by 2050. Renewable gases represent a real, technically viable approach to lowest-cost energy decarbonisation in Australia. As set out in Gas Vision 2050, APGA sees renewable gases such as hydrogen and biomethane playing a critical role in decarbonising gas use for both wholesale and retail customers. 

Gas is cheaper than electricity

Australia’s complex energy decarbonisation challenge

Storage costs: pipelines vs BESS and PHES

How pipelines help keep energy prices down

How gas-powered generation enables cheaper and more reliable Net Zero

Retail renewable gas forecast to cost customers less than retail renewable electricity

Renewable gas cheapest path to domestic decarbonisation

Please note that the information contained herin was correct at the time of publishing.

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