About the 2024 APGA Annual Convention

The Annual Convention & Exhibition of the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) will be held in Adelaide, SA from the 12th to the 15th of October 2024 and will cover a range of issues in the pipeline and gas sector. 

APGA’s Annual Convention brings together participants from all sectors of the pipeline industry as well as other industries associated with natural gas and the transportation of energy, slurry and water. This major annual industry event provides a wealth of information in the business sessions, and the social events allow for extensive networking opportunities.

Core to the convention is the sharing of ideas and learning. The 2024 convention is geared towards knowledge transfer and will feature a detailed business session program. With industry representation from around the world, the business sessions provide an opportunity to connect with a large audience and disseminate learnings across a broad sector.

The business sessions will include papers covering pipeline operations, project updates, training, research, environmental challenges and safety issues. Issues surrounding gas policy and gas markets are increasingly topical, generating much interest and debate about the role of the transmission sector and the challenges of gas supply for the domestic market.


APGA Convention and Exhibition Call for Papers

The APGA's Annual Convention serves as a nexus for professionals across the pipeline industry, encompassing sectors associated with energy transportation, emphasising natural gas, water and slurry, as well as advancements in environmental safety and governance. This flagship event facilitates knowledge exchange through comprehensive business sessions, while social gatherings foster extensive networking opportunities.

Convention will be held in Adelaide from the 12th to the 15Th of October 2024 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Central to the convention is the exchange of insights and knowledge. The 2024 event aims to emphasise knowledge dissemination, featuring an expansive business session program. With global industry representation, these sessions offer a platform to engage with a diverse audience and disseminate learnings across various sectors.

The business sessions will encompass papers exploring pipeline operations, innovative construction techniques, new developments, and projects, as well as focusing on environmental sustainability, safety, and governance. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

·         Future fuels: Exploration of emerging energy sources, renewable energy integration, hydrogen, and evolving energy landscapes.

·         Pipeline operations: Efficiency enhancements, maintenance strategies, digitalisation, and advancements in monitoring technologies.

·         Construction techniques: Innovations in pipeline construction methodologies, material sciences, and cutting-edge infrastructure development.

·         New developments & construction projects: Case studies, project updates, and advancements in infrastructure projects within the industry.

·         Environment, safety, governance: Addressing environmental challenges, regulatory frameworks, safety protocols, and industry governance standards.

The APGA Annual Convention provides a platform to present forward-thinking ideas that provoke discussion, provide guidance, and steer the industry towards a sustainable future.

Call for Papers:

APGA invites members and non-members to submit papers by Friday, 31 March 2024, adhering to the following criteria set by the 2024 Convention Papers Committee:

·         Papers should be well-researched and pertinent to a diverse audience.

·         Alignment with the convention's intent and topics is preferred.

·         Papers must be presented and written in English.

·         Availability for interview by the Papers Selection Committee upon request.

Note the Following:

·         Papers should refrain from focusing on specific product, brands or being advertorial in nature.

·         Preference will be given to APGA members in case of similar abstracts.

·         APGA reserves the right to amend paper criteria and exclude any submissions not aligning with the convention's intent.

·         Final paper selection lies with the APGA Convention Papers Committee, with no correspondence entertained.


Application Requirements:

All submissions must be made online by 31 March 2024, including:

·         Paper title and a 400-word abstract.

·         8 to 10 keywords representing the paper's focus.

·         A short biography (up to 200 words each) for all authors/ presenter for the Paper Selection Committee.

·         Link to professional profile on LinkedIn.

·         Professional headshots of all presenters.

·         Commitment to attend the APGA Convention from the 12th to the 15th of October 2024 in person in Adelaide and present the paper during the allocated slot within the business sessions.

·         Commitment to provide an electronic version of the paper and accompanying documentation.

·         Acknowledgement and permission for paper sharing through APGA channels.

·         Acknowledgement of potential filming and photography at the APGA Convention for marketing purposes.

If Selected:

·         Notification of paper selection will be conveyed by the end of April 2024.

·         Presenters must update pertinent information by mid-August 2024.

·         Live presentation of the paper is mandatory at the 2024 APGA Convention and Exhibition.

·         Submission of the electronic version of the presented paper three weeks before the convention.


For any questions pertaining to the call for papers, please contact Lawrence Shelton, Communications Manager APGA







Exhibition Enquiries

Please contact Matthew Freeborough (APGA Events  Coordinator) mfreeborough@apga.org.au

Sponsorship Enquiries

Please contact Gayle Burns (Engagement Manager) gburns@apga.org.au 

Delegate Enquiries

Early Bird tickets are on sale until 4 August 2023. For queries please contact apga@apga.org.au


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