APGA Annual Awards

Every year, APGA presents awards to individuals and companies in recognition of their services to the nation’s pipeline industry. The winners of the five annual awards for 2017 were announced at the APGA Annual Convention.

APGA Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Pipeline Industry Award

Ashley KellettAshley Kellett, a strong advocate for the industry and a pipeliner with more than 40 years’ experience in many aspects of the transmission industry has won the 2017 APGA Award for an Outstanding Contribution to the Pipeline Industry.

Mr Kellett has made a significant contribution to the pipeline industry as the inaugural Managing Director of SEA Gas, a role he held from 2003 to his recent retirement in 2016.

Admired by colleagues for his leadership, knowledge, integrity and energy, and described as a true gentleman, Ashley has always been willing to dedicate his time and wisdom to assist his colleagues.

In addition, Ashley was a Director of APGA from 2004 to 2014 and served as President from 2007 to 2009 following two years as Vice President.

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Previous Winners of the Outstanding Contribution Award

YearOutstanding ContributionYearOutstanding Contribution
2016Mick McCormack2005Garry O’Meally
2015Richard McDonough2004Ian Haddow
2014Stephen Ohl2003Max Kimber
2013John Fleming2002Philip Venton
2012Peter Tuft2001John Balint
2011Stephen Dykes2000Jeff Shepherd
2010Robert Gration1999Bruce McCaul
2009Andy Lukas1998Barry Wood
2008Ted Metcalfe1997Ken Bilston
2007Graeme Hogarth1996Jim McDonald
2006Bruce Andrews1995Leigh Fletcher

APGA Young Achievement Award

Sally Commins_headshot (002)This award recognises the achievements of individuals under 35 years of age and is awarded to an employee of a Sponsoring, Lead or Corporate Member of APGA who has demonstrated a valued and innovative contribution to the industry.

A young pipeliner using her passion for effective communication to help the pipeline industry work more closely with communities and other stakeholders has won the 2017 APGA Young Achievement Award.

Now Communications and Stakeholder Relations Consultant at CNC Project Management, Sally Commins first joined the pipeline industry in 2010 as a journalist at Great Southern Press which publishes APGA’s quarterly magazine, The Australian Pipeliner.

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Past Winners of the Young Achievement Award

2008Lara Kayess
2016Simon Archibald2007Kristin Martin and
Leon Richards
2015Tim Vesey2006David Maloney and
David Hayter
2014Ryan Perez2005Ben Rees and
Darren Stevenson
2013Ian Spence2004Susan Jaques
2013Scott Pearce2003N/A
2011Ben Cooper2002Stephen Loneragan
2010Liz Brierley2001Paul Maloney
2009Dan Morgan2000Jason Ward

APGA Safety Award

This award, which is open to all members of APGA (both companies and individuals), is designed to recognise one or more of the following achievements, all of which aim to improve the safety of the pipeline industry and its personnel:

  • Outstanding safety performance in the workplace, whether in administration/office, industrial, project, or operations and workplaces.
  • A unique innovation or initiative addressing a safety issue.
  • A new and well-defined safety system, procedure, or practice.
  • A system or new initiative to improve process safety.

The 2017 winner was APA Group’s major project to reduce risk on a section of the Roma to Brisbane gas transmission pipeline established a new and cost-effective approach while improving public safety.

Past Winners of the Safety Award

YearSafety AwardYearSafetyAward
2016APA Group2011Nacap Australia Pty Ltd
2015Murphy Pipe and Civil2010AJ Lucas Group Limited
2014Fyfe Pty Ltd2009APA Group
2013Nacap Australia Pty Ltd2008Dampier Bunbury Pipeline in conjunction with WestNet
2012McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd2007SEA Gas

APGA Environment Award

A company that undertook a pipeline construction project in a National Park with the highest level of environmental protection in Australia and completed it between the breeding cycles of endangered species has earned the 2017 APGA Environmental Award.
Spiecapag Lucas Joint Venture achieved outstanding environmental and social outcomes during the project to loop sections of the Victorian Northern Interconnect pipeline, including the 4km section inside the very sensitive area of the Chiltern – Mt. Pilot National Park.
Key to the success of the project were the close relations established with the pipeline owner and with statutory bodies and stakeholders, the consultative approach taken during planning, and the disciplined work methods applied on the site.

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Past Winners of the Environment Award

YearAPGA Environment Award
2016CNC Project Management
2015Spiecapag Lucas
2014CNC Project Management
2013WDS Limited
2012McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd

APGA Jeff Shepherd Construction Excellence Award

Hugh BoydThis award was established in 2015 to honour its namesake who was an inspirational figure in the pipeline construction industry over more than four decades. The award recognises excellence in the construction industry.

The 2017 winner, High Boyd, was recognised because of  his comprehensive leadership style that promotes the development of excellent teams with clear goals.

Hugh has been a pipeliner for more than three decades and has worked on many of Australia’s notable pipeline construction projects.

As a General Pipeline Superintendent for Nacap, Hugh has led crews of more than 500 people on high-speed, complex pipeline projects across every state in Australia. He has also worked overseas, including in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand, building large diameter pipelines in jungle and high rainfall terrains.

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Past Winners of the Jeff Shepherd Award for Construction Excellence

Year   Jeff Shepherd Award for Construction Excellence
2016Phil Perkins
2015Mark Barrows
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