The winner of the inaugual APGA Innovation Award was Powered for the AIRDAR Identifying and Measuring Fugitive Emissions in Gas Infrastructure system.

All contenders for the award are outlined in the booklet found in the resources below.

The APGA Innovation Award, introduced in 2021, aims to highlight innovation in our industry and to bring to the attention of the wider membership products and services that could be beneficial for their businesses.

Entrants to the award were limited to Exhibitors at the 2021 APGA Virtual Convention and Exhibition.

There were 16 entrants in the Awards. A brief description of each is available in this booklet listed in alphabetical order by Exhibitor. Our panel of experts selected the top five innovations from all the entries. The shortlisted innovations are indicated by a star on the page of the entry. At the Virtual Convention, the five short-listed candidates outlined the qualities of their product or service in a five-minute pitch. Delegates to the Convention then had the final vote to decide tghe winner.

Download the booklet.