YPF Committees

The YPF Committee system is composed of a National Committee, including members of the APGA Secretariat, which convenes every two months, and which includes a representative from each State. The States also have their own committees. If you have a question regarding your State, or simply want to be kept informed of State-based events, the YPF representative would be happy to hear from you.

National Committee

Dave Maloney, CNC Project Management – YPF
Cheryl Cartwright,
Richard Robinson, Robinson & Partners Pty
James Smith,
Karen Polglaze,
Charmaine Ogilvie,
ACT/NSWEric Hayman,
VicBen Gliwa,
SATane Bowels, GPA
WAMatthew Kilgallon, EEW
QldJordan McCollum, Origin
NTSam Pattemore, APA
NZ Teri Gilkison, ITL

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