Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards

The APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards will assist companies to assess whether their pipeline engineers meet the description of competent person in Australian Standard AS 2885  when key decisions are required in designing, constructing and operating pipelines.

Products and tools that have been created to assist in assessing competency are:

  • the APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency Assessment Tool for Individuals
  • the APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency Assessment Tool for Teams
  • the Pipeline Engineer Training and Education Organisations List
  • the Australian University Courses Relevant to Pipeline Engineering List
  • the APGA Pipeline Engineering Competency Portfolio Template and Guide.

CS info booklet


Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards information booklet is also available.

Important note on use of APGA competency system

APGA’s competency system and the competency standards have been developed for the use of APGA members. As explained on the website  the competency system can be used in many ways in training and developing pipeline engineering capabilities.

Members are encouraged to use the competency system. However, it should be noted that all elements of the competency system, including the surrounding descriptive and explanatory material, are copyright to APGA to protect the investment that APGA’s members have made in their development. APGA encourages members to adopt the competency system, including by incorporating them into their own competency systems even if in a modified or adapted form. No matter how they are used, the relevant elements of the competency system must be identified as APGA copyright and APGA acknowledged as the source.

No publication of any part of the competency system (whether adapted or not) to anyone other than the company’s employees is permitted without specific prior approval from APGA .

Further development of the competency sysytem

It is APGA’s intention that the competency standards will be revised periodically so that they remain current and fit for purpose. Comments and suggestions from members about additions or changes are welcome. Please send your suggestions to the Training inbox.

The Pipeline Engineering Training Program

The APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards were developed as part of the Pipeline Engineer Training Program. The program is a package of products and tools designed to assist in:

  • identifying the range of competencies required by pipeline engineers
  • describing the standard required for each competency
  • assessing the level of each competency held by individuals
  • enabling companies to assess the competencies held by their pipeline engineering teams
  • outlining the documentation required to demonstrate competency levels
  • understanding how available training is mapped to competencies.


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