WA Chapter

WA Chapter

With our industry expanding rapidly and many members flat out just doing their jobs, it’s a great credit to them that they still find the time and commitment to attend industry networking, educational and social functions.

For pipeliners, attending meetings, social functions and conferences is an important part of their business, helping our members to stay in touch, raise issues of importance, meet colleagues and other people in the industry, find solutions to problems and share ideas.

The networking and educational events conducted by APGA have proven to provide the best opportunities for our members to exchange information and learn about new developments and, with the APGA secretariat located in the East,  the WA Chapter, provides strong and enduring back-up for events in the West.

Each year the APGA WA Chapter’s local and dedicated committee helps the secretariat to deliver a uniquely WA series of networking and education events, including industry technical evenings and the combined APGA/Young Pipeliners’ Forum Quiz Night. These events complement the WA YPF’s unique Annual Speed Mentoring event held immediately prior to the Christmas Lunch.

With the West’s on-shore and off-shore infrastructure, different range of businesses invested in the industry and large number of interstate and international workers, the APGA WA Chapter is an important forum for members to fully participate in our Association.

APGA WA Chapter events annually attract hundreds of attendees, with the numbers rising steadily. These events also attract the generous support of around 35 sponsors.

The WA Chapter welcomes feedback and ideas from WA members on ways the Committee can further improve the education and networking it offers.

For more information email or phone 02 6273 0577

Case Study: Quiz night builds pipeline opportunities and understanding

The APGA WA Chapter Quiz Night is a highlight of the local pipeline industry calendar – an opportunity for members to demonstrate their general knowledge while getting together with friends and colleagues in a fun atmosphere.

Hosted jointly by the APGA WA Chapter and the WA Young Pipeliners Forum, the Quiz Night has also created a partnership between some current and future leaders of our industry who work closely together to deliver a successful event.

The event helps to expose younger members to many senior industry contacts, whilst giving experienced APGA members a greater degree of understanding of our future leaders, their potential and support for our industry.

With more than 100 people attending the Quiz Night in 2011, the event has secured its place in the WA pipeliner social calendar, and helped build more opportunities for all WA APGA members.


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