Safety Statistics

Pipeline Construction Safety Statistics

Our industry prides itself on the high standard of safety on our projects and, although safety statistics are only part of the process in ensuring safe working practices, APGA believes that we should publish the pipeline construction safety statistics on our website to allow benchmarking and trends to be established. At the end of each quarter, APGA contractor members will be asked to submit the following lag indicators, all in accordance with AS2885.1:

  • Lost Time Injury (LTI) including fatalities – A work-related injury or illness that results in permanent disability or time lost of one complete shift or day. The absence from work must be supported by an approved medical certificate citing work-related factor/s as the reason for leave.

*This definition does not include instances where the person is medically cleared to resume work, however leave is taken in the interest of the person’s well-being.

  • Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) Rate – (No. of lost time injuries / man-hours worked) x 1,000,000
  • Medical Treatment Injury (MTI) – A serious work injury requiring defined prescribed medical treatment by a Registered Medical Practitioner, which is beyond the scope of normal First Aid, e.g.: back injuries, burns, fractures, serious lacerations, gassings, dermatitis (excluding conditions such as cardiac arrest, where work is not a substantial contributing factor).
MonthLost Time InjuriesMedical Treatment Injury Total Manhours in QuarterLTIF RateTRIF Rate
Sept 06*1111,038,4110.9611.56
Dec 06112999,7461.0013.00
Mar 0714461,1762.1710.84
Jun 0729467,1764.2823.55
Sep 073201,046,8502.8721.97
Dec 073151,496,6042.0012.03
Mar 0824622,7243.219.64
Jun 082111,444,2401.389.00
Sep 082272,111,7940.9513.73
Dec 083261,104,7762.7226.25
Mar 091241,135,1410.8822.02
Jun 091241,683,0200.5914.85
Sep 091212,080,7320.4810.57
Dec 092151,339,0451.4912.70
Mar 100111,444,8850.007.61
Jun 10471,275,2993.148.63
Sep 107112,306,7923.037.80
Dec 10271,264,9731.587.11
Mar 11171,192,3900.846.71
Jun 11391,654,3311.817.25
Sep 11291,695,2551.186.49
Dec 112111,959,9861.026.63
Mar 123 101,527,6841.968.51
Jun 120142,085,3590.006.71
Sep 12091,510,5500.005.96
Dec 1204760,6380.005.26
Mar 132173,683,6510.545.16
Jun 134224,258,3510.946.11
Sep 132314,819,9790.416.85
Dec 13284,470,6070.452.24
Mar 14182,505,7060.403.59
Jun 14182,411,1390.412.90
APGA Totals6142457,858,8981.058.38

*In the third quarter of 2006 there was one fatality.

Yearly Health & Safety Statistics September 2006 to June 2013

Lost Time InjuriesMedical Treatment Injuries Total Manhours Worked in Year LTIF  Rate TRIF Rate
Year Ended in June 20075362,966,3971.6913.82
Year Ended in June 200810504,610,4182.1713.01
Year Ended in June 200971016,034,7311.1617.90
Year Ended in June 20107546,139,9611.149.93
Year Ended in June 201113346,418,4862.037.32
Year Ended in June 20127447,268,2840.967.02
Year Ended in June 201365210,213,1900.595.68
Year Ended in June 201455113,633,2630.374.11
TOTAL6042257,284,730 1.058.41
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