Australian Standard AS 2885

Australian Standard – AS 2885

The overarching Standard that applies to the pipeline industry in Australia is AS 2885 which relates to the design, construction, testing, operations and maintenance of gas and petroleum pipelines that operate at pressures in excess of 1050kpa. The many other standards used by the pipeline industry are referred to in AS 2885 as the principal document.

AS 2885 was developed by a working group from both industry and government. APGA and its members continue to actively participate in the design, review and development of the national Standard for gas and liquid petroleum high-pressure pipelines by participating as members and associates on Standards Australia development committees.

ME‐038 Committee: Standards of Interest – Update – July 2016

The ME-038 Committee is responsible for standardisation in the field of gas and liquid petroleum pipelines. Many members of the committee are  also members of APGA. The table below lists the status of the several part of AS 2885 and some other standrds of interest Committee chair Susan Jaques is happy to answer your questions on AS 2885.

To access standards available for public comment, go to this link and follow the Standards Australia instructions

To request an amendment (ie, error or typo) to existing published standards on this list that are not under review, send your comments to the Chair of ME‐038. A new process is being developed for these corrections, so check on this page before emailing.

To provide comment on published standards on this list that are under review, contact the nominated subcommittee convenor in the table below.

Standards in the ME‐038 suite of standards are generally considered for revision every five years.

 Subcommittee & Convenor/
Status – July


Public Comment Draft Status
AS 2885 Pipelines – Gas and Liquid Petroleum  
AS 2885.0 ‐ 2008General RequirementsHistorically with ME‐038‐01.

In 2016, the ME‐038 committee agreed that AS2885.0 should be owned by the Main Committee.   Revision to be initiated in 2017.

Not applicable yet
AS     2885.1 ‐ 2012Design and constructionME‐038‐01 Peter Tuft


Under revision Commenced  Dec‐2014.2017
AS 2885.2 ‐ 2016WeldingME‐038‐02 Paul GraceIssued May


Not applicable – new issue


AS 2885.3 ‐ 2012Operation and maintenanceME‐038‐03 Ed GaykemaUnder Revision Commenced  June‐2016


AS 2885.4 – 2010Submarine Pipeline SystemsME‐038‐04 Andrew Pearce

‐‐> Eric Jas

Public Comment Draft available.AVAILABLE.

Closes 01‐Sept‐16.


AS 2885.5 – 2012Field Pressure TestingME‐038‐05

Lynndon Harnell

 Under Revision Commenced June‐2016


AS 2885.6 – 0000Safety Management Studies
(NEW in 2017)

Peter Tuft

 Under Development. Commenced March‐2016 2017
Other Standards published by ME‐038 
AS 4822 ‐ 2008External field joint coatings for steel pipelinesME‐038‐08

David Anderson

Under Revision. Commencing July 2016TBA
AS/NZS 1518 ‐ 2002External extruded high‐density‐ polyethylene coating system for pipesME‐038‐08

David Anderson

On hold / to be withdrawn / no action currently proposedN/A
AS/NZS 3862 ‐ 2002External fusion‐ bonded epoxy coating for steel pipesME‐038‐08

David Anderson

On hold / to be


The project to revise AS/NZS 3862 was cancelled in late 2015. ISO 21809‐6 (multi layer FBE coatings) is close to publication and will be reviewed for adoption by ME‐038‐08.

ME‐038‐01 (Part 1) committee will also adopt relevant information (ie pipe transport) from AS 3862 so as not to lose it.

AS  1330 ‐ 2004Metallic materials – drop weight tear test for ferritic steelsMT‐006ME‐038 has proposed (internally) to adopt this Standard into ME‐038. No approach has yet been made to MT‐006, as it is currently dormant.  Seeking assistance from Standards.
AS  2207 ‐ 2007Non‐destructive testing ‐ Ultrasonic testing of fusion

welded joints in carbon and low alloy steel

MT‐007An interested party from Western Australia has requested an update to this Standard. APGA is a nominating organisation to MT‐007 and so has been contacted for support for the revision. This has been provided, and a nominee to the committee will be appointed once the committee is convened.

Standards Australia

Standards Australia is the peak non-government body responsible for assisting in the development and maintenance of industry standards in Australia, such as AS 2885.

Please note APGA cannot directly issue or distribute copies AS 2885 and other pipeline related Standards due to licensing agreements with SAI Global Limited.

All relevant information can be accessed from the Standards Australia website and copies of the Standard can be purchased from the  SAI Global InfoStore.

AS 2885.2 Briefing note

Chair of ME38-02 Paul Grace outlines the changes to AS 2885.2.
Harmonisation and revision of AS 2885 2

AS 2885.1 Issue Papers

4.28 Issue Paper – Fibreglass Pipelines

AS 2885.1 is now available from the SAI Global website

AS 2885.5 Briefing Note

AS 2885.5 Briefing Note – Public Comment

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