Annual Awards

APGA presents annual awards to individuals and companies in recognition of their services to the nation’s pipeline industry.

The winners of the five annual awards are announced at the APGA Annual Convention every year. The winners of the 2016 awards are:

APGA Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Pipeline Industry Award

This award is presented to an individual who has made major and sustained contributions to the pipeline industry in any area of activity within the industry. The Award recognises a contribution over and above the call of duty. (It does not recognise contributions to a specific company; rather to the whole industry.)

The 2016 winner was APA Chief Executive and Managing Director Mick McCormack.


Mick is Australia’s most recognised pipeliner, and he earned the award for a range of activities across the pipeline industry during his 32-year career.

At the helm of APA Group since 2005, Mick has taken the company to one of the top 30 listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with interests in more than 15,000km of pipelines and 3450km of distribution networks. His vision of an east coast gas grid, a term he first coined in the early 2000s, is now a reality that provides flexibility that encourages the use of gas, helping to keep the price down for all consumers.

A vocal champion of the industry, Mick has used his positon to campaign for workable regulation for pipelines and for industry-led market development.His active pursuit of growth in the industry through the development and delivery of significant organic and greenfields investment in the Australian gas transmission pipeline network has been one of his major contributions. This focus has led to the employment of many thousands off contractors and suppliers and to significant benefits for the national economy.

Mick has been an active supporter of APGA, including serving on the Board of Directors from 2005 to 2012. Under his leadership, APA Group has been an active participant in APGA committees and activities, in particular the Research and Standards Committee and the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre. Mick is also the drummer in the popular APA group band which performs at a number of events during the year including at the APGA Annual Convention. Read more in the vision-and-drive-make-an-outstanding-contribution media release.

APGA Young Achievement Award

This award recognises the achievements of individuals under 35 years of age and is awarded to an employee of a Sponsoring, Lead or Corporate Member of APGA who has demonstrated a valued and innovative contribution to the industry.

The 2016 winner was Simon Archibald.

A sound knowledge of legislative requirements, attention to detail, a methodical and disciplined approach and a passion to pursue industry best practice earned Simon Archibald the award.

Simon began his working life in community services, particularly in disability support, but moved to the resources industry 10 years ago. In his current position for Lucas Construction and Engineering as Project Safety Manager – Pipeline Projects, Simon has been responsible for four consecutive pipeline projects, beginning with the QCLNG Trunklines North project in 2013, then the QGP S2 Expansion Project, the Eastern Goldfields Pipeline and he is now working on the Victorian Northern Interconnect Expansion.

In his work on these projects, Simon has brought clear structure to project safety systems and has set about embedding these systems from the top down across the business. This has prevented injuries, with a combined result of more than over 1,300,000 hours worked without a lost time injury across the four projects.  With a background in high-risk work as well as heavy vehicle and plant operation, Simon has a unique perspective for a Project Safety Manager. He is well positioned to identify safety risks

Associated with pipeline construction activities and to offer insights into the pressures that impact on workforce personnel. Simon has used this knowledge in his approach to health and safety and has developed innovative initiatives to engage the workforce and help maintain focus. Read more in the a-passion-for-industry-best-practice-produces-results media release.

APGA Safety Award

This award, which is open to all members of APGA (both companies and individuals), is designed to recognise one or more of the following achievements, all of which aim to improve the safety of the pipeline industry and its personnel:

  • Outstanding safety performance in the workplace, whether in administration/office, industrial, project, or operations and workplaces.
  • A unique innovation or initiative addressing a safety issue.
  • A new and well-defined safety system, procedure, or practice.
  • A system or new initiative to improve process safety.

The 2016 Safety award went to APA Group’s SafeDrive+ Arrive Alive  campaign.

APA-logo-RGB-positive_smlSafeDrive+ Arrive Alive was introduced by APA Group to reduce the significant risk posed to its employees and their passengers who cover more than 17 million kilometres a year in around 750 vehicles.

The centrepiece of SafeDrive+ Arrive Alive is a number of videos featuring real APA Group employees who talk about their experiences. The videos were developed after feedback from APA Group employees who indicated they would listen to the advice of their peers. Instead of using commercially available road and driver safety videos, APA looked for volunteers among its own employees who were willing to share their experiences for the benefit of their colleagues. This resulted in the production of a series of driver safety videos which have been rolled out across the company at the same time as messages from senior leaders in APA. Other products that form part of the campaign include related materials from the company’s Safeguard health and safety program which are aimed at promoting discussion around the videos.

First trialled on its Eastern Goldfields Pipeline project in Western Australia, the campaign seems to have succeed in reducing incidents. With more than two million kilometres travelled, a roll-over which occurred before the campaign in August 2014 was the only vehicle incident on the project. Overall, the number of infringements and insurance claims has dropped since the campaign began. Feedback from employees has been very supportive of the campaign, with the real life examples resonating with viewers. Read more in the real-stories-boost-vehicle-safety media release.

APGA Environment Award

This award, which is open to all members of APGA (both companies and individuals), is designed to recognise one or more of the following achievements, all of which aim to enhance the environmental performance of the pipeline industry and its personnel:

  • Outstanding environmental performance in the workplace, whether in office, industrial, project, or operations and workplaces.
  • A unique innovation or initiative addressing an environment issue.
  • A new and well-defined environment management system, procedure, or practice

The 2016 Environment Award was won by CNC Project Management for its CNC Solution program.

cnc_colour_smallCNC’s program has multi-skilled its staff members to undertake tasks as diverse as operating a chainsaw and spotting and catching fauna.

The Multi-skilled Environmental Management Solution, dubbed the CNC Solution, was the company’s response to the increasing costs of compliance associated with the requirement for people to have specific certification or qualifications to undertake certain tasks. Rather than assign several specialists to a single project, CNC developed a new way of looking at skillsets and decided to multi-skill its staff so that they could individually undertake a range of environmental tasks on a single project.

The CNC Solution means CNC can confidently provide a single CNC staff member who has the ability to:

  • fulfil fauna spotter-catcher duties
  • hold accreditation or otherwise have advanced erosion and sediment control training and knowledge  to effectively assess and implement sound soil control practices
  • operate a backhoe to install basic erosion controls and undertake reinstatement tasks
  • operate a chainsaw and work from heights
  • design and implement soil, noise and water monitoring programs
  • undertake all environmental  compliance  activities  including  reporting,  training  and auditing.

The CNC Solution allows clients to use fewer resources while maintaining environmental compliance and performance through the  versatility of its staff. This increases efficiency and saves a significant amount to a project’s bottom line. Read more in the multi-skilling-environmental-consultancy-collects-award media release.

APGA Jeff Shepherd Construction Excellence Award

This award was established in 2015 to honour its namesake who was an inspirational figure in the pipeline construction industry over more than four decades. The award recognises excellence in the construction industry.

The 2016 winner was Phil Perkins.

Phil is noted for his practical approach to problem-solving, a commitment to maintaining relationships with stakeholders and dedication to bringing young people through the industry.

Phil’s career spans more than 40 years and covers large parts of the country. He is currently Construction Manager for Spiecapag Lucas on APA Group’s Victorian Northern Interconnect Expansion Project, During Phil’s career, he has undertaken a variety of roles for both clients and contractors. In particular he has been a leader in planning and routing pipelines and worked in all field activities. His very practical approach to problem-solving is well known.

Phil is dedicated to mentoring and training young people, ensuring they receive broad and deep experience, especially in the field of managing relationships with stakeholders including authorities, land owners, aboriginal groups, and service providers. He is noted for his management of relationships with stakeholders including authorities, land owners, aboriginal groups, and service providers. While working on the SEA Gas Pipeline, he managed 580 individual landowners and consulted with regulators in Victoria and South Australia. Read more in the managing-stakeholders-and-mentoring-young-pipeliners-earns-award media release.

Previous Winners of the Outstanding Contribution Award

YearOutstanding Contribution
2015Richard McDonough
2014Stephen Ohl
2013John Fleming
2012Peter Tuft
2011Stephen Dykes
2010Bob Gration
2009Andy Lukas
2008Ted Metcalfe
2007Graeme Hogarth
2006Bruce Andrews
2005Garry O’Meally
2004Ian Haddow
2003Max Kimber
2002Philip Venton
2001John Balint
2000Jeff Shepherd
1999Bruce McCaul
1998Barry Wood
1997Ken Bilston
1996Jim McDonald
1995Leigh Fletcher

Past Winners of the Young Achievement Award

YearYoung Achievement Award
2015Tim Vesey
2014Ryan Perez
2013Ian Spence
2012Scott Pearce
2011Ben Cooper
2010Liz Brierley
2009Dan Morgan
2008Lara Kayess
2007Kristin Martin and Leon Richards
2006David Maloney and David Hayter
2005Ben Rees and Darren Stevenson
2004Susan Jaques
2002Stephen Loneragan
2001Paul Maloney
2000Jason Ward

Past Winners of the Safety Award

YearAPGA Safety Award
2015Murphy Pipe and Civil
2014Fyfe Pty Ltd
2013Nacap Australia Pty Ltd
2012McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd
2011Nacap Australia Pty Ltd
2010AJ Lucas Group Limited
2009APA Group
2008Dampier Bunbury Pipeline in conjunction with WestNet
2007SEA Gas

Past Winners of the Environment Award

YearAPGA Environment Award
2015Spiecapag Lucas
2014CNC Project Management
2013WDS Limited
2012McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd

Past Winners of the Jeff Shepherd Award for Construction Excellence

Year   Jeff Shepherd Award for Construction Excellence
2015Mark Barrows
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